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5 Challenges a PMU Marketing Agency Can Solve

You’ve put your all into building this business, improving your technique, keeping up with the latest trends that can give your clients the best results. You open your shop and then… there’s only a slow, inconsistent trickle of clients walking through your doors.

The truth is that if you build it – they don’t necessarily come! Before you exhaust yourself trying to catch up on the latest marketing trends for your business, consider hiring a marketing partner that can help you gain a steady, consistent client flow without extra work on your shoulders.

Here’s how it works.

1. A Marketing Agency Can Save You Time and Money

“Time is money.” A marketing agency with a knowledgeable team and a proven record of working with other PMU pros can save on both time and money since it means you are trusting the experts to do what they do best. And in turn, frees you up to pursue what you do best – making clients look and feel their best.

Imagine the hours you could save in your workweek by not having to do your own research or experiment with different marketing tools and projects. Or the time you could devote to other parts of your business, without having to hire and train employees to focus exclusively on marketing.

In addition to the time you will save on marketing and staffing, you can also save money by trimming employee numbers. A marketing agency can reduce your expenses by eliminating the need to hire additional employees – think of an agency as an extension of your team without the overhead. Staffing your own marketing department involves extra costs that could eat away at the cash in your pocket at the end of the month.

2. A Marketing Agency Can Help You Run Your PMU Social Media Page

Stuck in that rut of trying to figure out what to post and when? A marketing agency will help you build your personal brand, create consistency in your posts, and ultimately, draw more new eyes to your profiles that are potential clients looking for a permanent makeup artist like you.

Just like brows are a science, marketing is a science, too. With the right partner, you will start to understand what your audience (future clients) want to see, how they connect with your unique style and personality, find your location, and book their consultation with you.

3. A Marketing Agency Can Help You Identify and Solve Problems

Sometimes, unfortunately, we all need hard truths. Hiring a marketing partner allows fresh eyes to look objectively at what you are currently doing to bring awareness to your business, how you’re branding and representing yourself and your work, and make recommendations you may have never thought of or that may have been too emotionally difficult to make.

Consider it as trusting the experts that can help you decide on even the most basic (yet impactful) parts of your business like what colors, images, videos or wording to use on your social media, website and booking platform. You might not have even considered this, but your team can also make recommendations on other ways to simplify how you run your business

4. A Marketing Agency Can Help You Organize and Achieve Your Goals

How many clients do you need to book in a week? A month? The right marketing partner will understand how to build consistency for your business. And that predictable, stable flow of new paying clients is what helps you build your reputation as a great artist in your area while giving you the foundation to grow in the industry, hire your team, expand your salon, and build a training or product line.

5. A Marketing Agency Helps Build Your Personal Brand and Reputation

Think of your favorite PMU idol. You may have a really clear idea of what you admire about them. It’s likely that is what has also drawn such a large following for them.

Your marketing partner can help you identify what makes sense for your own “personal brand” and how to share that gift with the world. While you may not become the next industry leader, they can help you find ways in which to really shine.

A Marketing Agency is Great, but a PMU Marketing Agency is Even Better

A PMU marketing agency’s specialized knowledge and functions translate into time and money well-spent. Even better than a marketing partner is a marketing partner experienced in your specific industry. An experienced PMU marketing agency will have a deeper understanding of what it takes to get more PMU clients to your door and gain you recognition and loyalty. Not all PMU marketing agencies offer the same services, so be sure to find the one that can give you the most complete support that your business deserves.


Now that you have built your business, improved your techniques, and kept up with the latest trends, it is time to hire a marketing partner. That is the missing piece and could be the solution to the slow and inconsistent flow of clients you are currently facing. Want to know how a PMU marketing agency can help? Read about that and more in this infographic.

5 Challenges a PMU Marketing Agency Can Solve Infographic


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