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Are You Guilty of These Five PMU Marketing Mistakes?

From microblading advertising to taking a client’s payment, there are many things to consider for “how to grow a PMU business.” You want to put your time, energy and budget into those things that matter most and have the biggest impact.

Marketing success changes as fast as technology, and it’s important to know the right moves to make. Avoid these common marketing habits for the best success in growing your PMU brand.

Investing Too Little in Marketing

As a beauty entrepreneur, you may have a small budget or feel a bit nervous about investing a lot of money in marketing, especially if you’re just starting out. But, research shows that more is better.

Marketing is one of the best investments you can make for your business. Experienced entrepreneurs can attest to this fact. In a recent survey, those polled said they spent an average of ten percent of their budgets on marketing in the past 20 years, but regretted not spending more. Run your business with no regrets by investing more in marketing.

Obtaining the necessary funding for marketing is easier than you think. You can get financing even though your business may be young. Check with traditional and online lenders, like your local bank or LendingTree. Crowdsourcing is also an excellent alternative for finding the necessary money to invest in PMU marketing.

Too Little Research

It’s necessary to spend time finding and understanding your target audience (those who are likely to become clients). Careful studying and planning can show you the best place and time to reach them. Knowing where and how to communicate with your audience can help you make your marketing more successful.

Part of your marketing budget should go towards research. Try different methods of reaching your intended audience (social media, email, direct mail…). Find those that work the best for you and increase your efforts there.

Reaching Too Widely

When marketing your PMU brand, you are not trying to “cast a wide net” and reach everybody with your message. You want to find people interested in booking PMU treatments and market to them. Investing in marketing and research with a PMU marketing partner will serve you well at this stage. You’ll be able to narrow your marketing to those that are most likely to become a client.

Research is essential. You can learn all kinds of information about your target audience, like their average age and gender or what social media platforms they use and the best time of day to post content.

Today’s social media platforms are a great starting point. These are excellent sources of knowledge about your followers and audience.

Marketing to your audience should be ongoing. As your business grows and changes, your marketing should do the same.

Not Tracking Your Performance

If you experiment with marketing tactics without tracking your progress, you could end up playing a losing game. You’ll want to know what’s working well and what needs improvement.

Today’s technology makes it easier to check your progress and the outcome of your marketing efforts. Create clear goals to work towards. Stay where you are successful; improve what isn’t as successful.

Sticking With Traditional

Marketing calls for flexibility. What works today might not work in a few years. It’s necessary to adapt and experiment with new technologies and techniques.

Your audience will change. Communication preferences might shift, making email a poor marketing choice. Or, you might appeal to an entirely new demographic with a new treatment.

Social media platforms have transformed and will continue to do so. What got your business noticed a year ago won’t necessarily work today.

Putting It All Together

Whether you’re starting your business or are more experienced, it will always be helpful to take a step back and look at your marketing with fresh eyes. You can do this yourself, or a marketing partner can help you. Take time to review the above list and see where you can improve.

Invest in marketing for your business, allocating a good chunk to research. If you don’t have the funds, look into a lender. Excellent marketing will get you better results faster.

Narrow down your market to a core audience for a stronger impact. Reaching more people isn’t necessarily better if those people are unlikely to book your PMU service.

Stay flexible and adapt to change. Avoid the urge to stick with the traditional, including your traditional audience. Once you’ve perfected a strategy with your core audience, branch out to try new things.

Your PMU business is your baby. It’s easy to try and shoulder all the tasks of building it up and forget that you can ask for help. Your PMU beauty marketing agency has the experience to help you grow your business. Allow them to help you started, boost your current progress and take you above and beyond the competition.


Marketing success depends on how well your PMU business can adapt to the ever-changing technological advancement. Put your time, effort, and money into things that have a bigger impact. How? First, you need to lose these common marketing habits that are not helping your business. Read this infographic and take notes.

Are You Guilty of These Five PMU Marketing Mistakes Infographic


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