How to Strengthen Your Social Media Presence

Strengthen Your Social Media Presence

For professionals in the beauty industry, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are vital tools. Not only do they allow you to keep in touch with your clients, but they can help you advertise your services, showcase your work, and engage with other artists. No PMU marketing strategy is complete without the social media piece.

Here are six tips to improve social media marketing for makeup artists. You’ll find some key things you can do to strengthen your social media presence and use your social media accounts to support your marketing strategy.

Get Familiar With Organic and Paid Content

You can take an organic or paid path to build your social media presence. Organic content refers to free content you create like posts, stories, photos, videos and memes. Individuals and businesses can share this content with each other on their feeds. Growing your social media following with organic content requires time and effort, but it’s a necessary building block for your marketing plan because it develops connections.

Paid content is the new era of advertising and can deliver faster results. While paid marketing and advertising cost more, carefully crafted ads can pay for themselves as they raise awareness of your brand, attract new followers and convert followers into paying clients.

Regularly posting organic content to your social media is always a great strategy. In some cases, you may need a mixture of paid-for advertising and organic to boost your brand awareness and conversion rates. A seasoned beauty marketing agency can help you decide what will work best for you.

The Best Social Platform is the One Your Audience Uses

Since posting on social media is fairly straightforward and inexpensive, marketing through social media is a good use of your time and dollars.

You do not need a profile on every platform to have an impact. Identify the type of people you are trying to reach and figure out what platforms they’re regularly using. Also, do your detective work (or have your beauty marketing agency do it for you) to figure out what time the majority of your audience is on. Start posting on that platform at that time to catch your followers online.

How you craft each post can make a big difference too. Here’s how to make the most of your social media posts.

The Six “Be’s” to Gain Attention on Social Media

Be Visual. Be sure to use pictures, videos, slideshows, memes, gifs, animated words, etc., more than plain text in your posts. Marketing research shows that you have five seconds to grab your audience’s attention, and visual content does this faster, better and with more engagement than words alone.

Be Consistent. The best way to get noticed is to post often and predictably. You don’t have to post several times a day to meet this requirement. Posting once a day is fine, especially when you post to an active audience. You can create a content calendar of what to post and when. Planning in advance helps you stick to it. If you happen to be a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type of person, then in-the-moment posting works, too, as long as you remember to do so regularly. You’ll set an expectation with your followers in no time, and they’ll know when to expect you to post new content.

Be Engaging With Your Audience. The most important, vital, not-to-be-skipped part of social media; the entire purpose of creating a profile and content is…to build relationships. You can’t do that very well by staying silent on your end. Let your personality shine as you respond to those who tag, tweet, or reply to your posts. Your purpose is not to get the most followers but to create a loyal following of fans who feel like they know you.

Be Yourself. Connect with your followers on a personal level. Your clients may be disappointed with generic or auto-generated responses and lose interest in following you. They want to get to know the real you and see that the real you is making time for them.

Be Sociable. Reach out to your followers. Follow them right back. Follow competitors. Follow businesses in your neighborhood. Re-post and re-tweet things that are interesting to your audience. Let your fans see some behind-the-scenes footage and pics of you, your salon, and your work.

Be a Do-gooder. Concentrate on helping instead of selling, and everything else will fall into place. Your followers don’t want to feel like you’re trying to sell them something; they want to know more about you and what you do. Help them find answers to their questions about permanent makeup, microblading and other procedures. Your honesty will become your reputation and draw in more followers, clients and partners who love how trustworthy you are.

Support Your Marketing Team

Your marketing team at Highstoke Media has the knowledge and experience to get you the results you need to grow your PMU business. Our plug-and-play templates and word-for-word scripts make your life easier. With our knowledge and your support using these six tips to grab your audience’s attention on social media, you’ll find your calendar starts filling up quickly.

Better Your Beauty Business By Breaking These Four Bad Habits

Beauty Business

As a beauty business owner, you have a lot riding on your shoulders as you work to make your lasting mark in a competitive industry. Along the way it’s easy to fall into some bad habits that could slow you down on the path to success.

Fixing or avoiding these bad habits can boost the amount you can get done in a day and make a lasting impression on your clients (good or bad). Work smarter, not harder, to accomplish more than you dreamed you could. But be aware if you’re doing these 4 bad habits while you’re working…

1. Don’t Depend on Yourself to Do It All

Do you feel like a one-woman show? It’s easy to think, “My business is my baby, and I can’t trust anyone to care for it the way I do.”

Fight the urge to do everything yourself. It is okay…appropriate…reasonable, even, to pass on some of your responsibilities to other employees and partners.

Give yourself permission to accept help. Surprisingly, your partners or employees might do a really great job. They may have more time to devote to a job than you do. Trusting others with some of your tasks will boost productivity and employee satisfaction while decreasing your stress and the demands on your time. And they may just be waiting to get the go-ahead from you, to take on more responsibility and help you grow.

Think you can’t afford to hire partners or employees? You can’t afford not to! Hiring a PMU marketing agency is one example of a partnership that will free up your time to focus on your artistry. Let them focus on growing your brand and client base. Their expertise will pay for itself as they help you grow your business.

2. Staying Too Busy

Busy-ness might be the new status symbol for this generation. Staying busy means you are important and leads to happiness and wealth, right? Actually, working too much over a long period of time is not good for the health of your business, employees or yourself. There’s a fine line between having a full schedule in a busy salon, and filling your time with small tasks. As Stephan Covey wrote in his bestselling book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, “It is possible to be busy-very busy-without being very effective.”

Why does being busy not always equal maximum productivity?

  • Burnout – Burnout occurs when you are overly stressed, out of energy and unhappy because of working long hours without the proper rest and relaxation. If you’re stressing yourself out, you may be underutilizing your employees. If you are burned out or unhappy, it can start to affect everything else, from your work and personal relationships to your client connections and brand. Your clients are your top priority, so save the most energy for them, and delegate tasks that others can do for you.
  • Decreased Productivity – Does it ever seem like your work takes all your time? You are not alone. If you allow yourself sixteen hours a day to devote to your business, there is a good chance you will be able to fill all that time. However, if you set limits for yourself and work only eight hours in a day, you may be surprised how much you can accomplish in half the time. Reducing your time at work and allowing yourself time for friends, family, and relaxation can significantly improve your productivity during working hours.

Try assigning less time for tasks, and leave time for you (and your employees) to relax and recharge.

3. Not Automating Parts of Your Business

If you’re relying on paper notes, scheduling books, individual texts or Messenger trails to keep up with your appointments, your client management system could use some upgrading.

Automated services and technology can handle everything from your bookings to your routine daily, weekly, and monthly accounting tasks. Automated technology can give you back the time you spend scrolling through different types of media to locate a client’s appointment and decrease confusion and misunderstandings. Need to streamline your booking? We can help with this!

4. Spending Too Much Time On Your Phone

Have you ever been with a professional service provider when they took a phone call or checked their most recent text, Facebook message or Instagram comments? How did that make you feel? More importantly, what was the provider not doing when they were on their phone?

Picking up your phone to answer messages or take phone calls takes your focus away from everything else. It can leave your clients with the wrong impression if you pause their service to check something that could be dealt with later.

Exceptions are understandable–you may be expecting news about loved ones or trying to put out a fire. For the most part, however, limit your phone usage to certain times of the day and stash it away while working with a client. If you don’t want to miss a booking opportunity, consider hiring a partner to handle your bookings and social media marketing for you so that you can limit the amount of time you spend on the phone or social media. Want details? We can help with that!

Pass Along Responsibilities and Take Back Your Time

With so much to do to keep your business up and running, it’s normal for a business owner like you to have a long to-do list that keeps growing. Your full schedule can be a sign that you are doing a great job. But, to take a quote from an Ed Sheeran hit song, don’t let your “bad habits lead to late nights.”

Make the most of each day going forward by figuring out now where you can change the amount of work you are doing. If you can, pass along some responsibilities to employees or partnering agencies who can take specialized business aspects off of your hands. Let software and technology take on some of the workload for you, as well. Spreading out the responsibilities can free up your time and let you immerse sharing your gift with your clients.

What Should I Charge for My Permanent Make Up Services? How to Charge What You’re Worth

“What price should I charge for my PMU services?”

That is a common question from PMU and beauty industry entrepreneurs. If you price your services too low, you risk making too little profit or gaining a reputation that you’re offering low value services. On the other hand, if you price your services too high, you may shock potential clients and send them running to the competition.

Trying to appropriately set your prices feels like you’re walking a tightrope. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Read on to learn more about what to charge for your brow, lip and liner services, and build the confidence to charge what you are truly worth.

Four Pricing Essentials to Consider

1) Cover Your Expenses – First, consider how much it costs you to provide each service to clients. At the very least, you need to charge enough to pay for those expenses.

Know what your time and materials are worth. How much time does it take you to complete a brow session or microblading? What are the costs of the materials and electricity you use during an appointment? If you decide to offer follow-up and touch-up services, what are those worth? All these expenses are your direct costs. They can vary depending on the number of clients you see.

Next, factor in your indirect, or fixed, costs. Examples of indirect costs include your taxes, building rent, advertising expenses and employee payroll.

You’ll want to make sure that the prices you charge for your services cover your direct and indirect costs. Money that you make beyond that is profit that you can use to buy new equipment, hire additional staff, and pay yourself.

2) Set Your Pricing Goals – In addition to covering your expenses, you’ll want your pricing to reflect the goals and the vision you have for your business.

Some questions to ask yourself are:

  • How do you want clients to see your business? Do you want to be known as an affordable option? Would you rather be known as a luxury service? Perhaps you would like your prices to fall somewhere between “affordable” and “luxury?”
  • Will starting at a low price help you build a client base? Will a higher price attract customers hoping for a luxurious experience?
  • How about starting to build your client portfolio by offering an “introductory rate” for either the first visit or a short time period and then adjusting your pricing to an “original” rate afterward?

Review your goals with your PMU marketing partner and then decide on pricing that helps you achieve those objectives.

3) Do Your Market Research – Learn more about how much other artists in your area are charging for permanent makeup services. Understanding what clients will be willing to pay for PMU in your area will help you set prices with confidence.

Learn about your potential clients. Find out what they are looking for in a PMU artist. Look at your services and pricing from your clients’ points of view. What do you believe the true value of your services is in your market? If you are unsure, ask your clients directly for a customer review or send out a feedback survey after the service.

4) Change Your Prices – Keep in mind that your prices aren’t etched in stone. What you charge can be changed.

Prices change all the time–for everything.

Think about your costs of living – rent, food, gas, electricity and water bills, etc. They never stay the same for long. As your expenses go up, direct and indirect costs increase, too. At some point, you will need to make adjustments to your prices to reflect your increased expenses.

New certifications and increased experience could make you more in-demand, booking you for months or more out. Your popularity could make your time more valuable and allow you to increase your prices.

It is okay to change your prices to reflect the changes around you. You can experiment with price changes to find the perfect balance for you and your clients.

You Have Some Homework, but Your Beauty Marketing Agency Can Help

When it comes to pricing your PMU and beauty services, you have some homework to do in order to answer the essential questions in this article. Take it one step at a time, and reach out to your marketing team any time you need help. We’re here for you. Together, we can help you achieve your goals now and in the future.


The “Beauty” of Networking as a Beauty Entrepreneur

“No man (or woman) is an island.”

This well-known phrase from poet John Donne, means that no one can get through life alone – we need each other. If we want to succeed, we need to develop relationships and lean on one another. Your skills as an artist can take you a long way, but the people you surround yourself with to support you as a beautypreneur will contribute to your success.

We need each other!

What is networking?

Networking is talking with others working in the same industry to develop mutually beneficial professional and social relationships. Starting a conversation, a relationship or a friendship with another PMU artist could result in sharing ideas, or just simply supporting one another through the process, in a way that benefits you both. For example, you could learn PMU tips and tricks from someone you meet at a trade show to take back to your salon.

That’s the beauty of networking.

Your goal is to meet people in your industry or a closely-related field who can help you grow as a person or brand. Maybe you learn insider tips and tricks for how to grow a PMU business. Perhaps you meet potential clients who turn into paying ones. You may even learn to master new strategies to improve social media marketing for makeup artists. Or you find your business bestie that understands what you’re going through because she’s also on the same path.

How to Network


Social media is a great place to start. Not only can you cast a wider net with your branding and advertising through social media, but you get to keep in touch with clients and people in the PMU business that you admire but cannot meet face-to-face.

To network through social media platforms, stay engaged with your following by taking the time to reply to messages and posts.

Support the pages of those in your profession that you respect. Send a message introducing yourself and praising their work.

Over time, a virtual friendship can grow into a deeper, meaningful relationship in which you gain referrals, insight into new skills, tips and tricks of the trade or inspiration.


There is no substitute for networking face-to-face within your industry and community. Getting involved with a professional PMU organization is an excellent way to network. Personal interactions with others at trade shows, continuing education classes, or even social gatherings outside of the beauty biz will take your trade to the next level.

  • Seek out social and professional opportunities. Start with local meet-ups with professional and social organizations relevant to your business or of interest to you.
  • Focus on building relationships instead of building clientele. Put people first, and the business benefits will follow.
  • Set a goal to have a meaningful conversation with one person at first and then build up to a handful from there.

Have trouble remembering names? Lots of people do. Try this trick: ask for their business card and then write something positive and memorable about them that you can refer back to later.

Four Benefits of Networking

1) Creates a Support System – It’s always helpful to surround yourself with people who understand you. Other business owners and beauty entrepreneurs can identify with what you’re going through, whether you’re at the beginning stage of opening a business or considering additional certifications. Surrounding yourself with other entrepreneurs will encourage and inspire you, and uplift you when you need it.
2) Helps You Stay Trendy – By “trendy,” we don’t mean fast fashion. We are talking about current beauty industry trends like valuable tools of the trade, new PMU applications or business software that allows you to do more for your clients and provide higher quality services. We learn through observation, so watching and listening to what others are doing can help you become a better artist.
3) Helps You Grow Your Business (or others’ businesses too) – Learn what worked or didn’t work for others, and take those lessons back to what you are working toward yourself. You never know where inspiration will come from, or if you can inspire someone else. Get ideas about everything from managing employees to handing out client swag bags. A little further along in your career, you might be the positive example for others that they needed to see!
4) Builds Your Business Prospects and Leads –The more people you get to know, the more they get to know you back. Advertising your business is about getting your name out there. You could meet people who can positively influence your business. The relationships you build could lead to more word-of-mouth referrals, “shoutouts” on social media or partnerships. You might even meet people who want to book your services for their own PMU needs.

***Bonus*** Networking forces you to hone your conversation skills. You’ll become more confident and comfortable speaking with people.

Networking Is a Two-way Street

To make a friend, you have to be a friend first. Be willing to scratch someone else’s back before they scratch yours because one thing is for sure–the more positive you put out in the world, the more you get back. So, go ahead and plug a related business on your social media page first. Recommend another PMU or beauty artist to a client looking for a service you don’t provide. Your goodwill will be returned to you.

Go Further With Networking

An African proverb says, “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.” Your expertise, skill and talent in the beauty industry have taken you this far. Forming relationships with others in your industry and social groups will take your business even further and can impact others in a positive way. You stand to gain enriching and supportive friendships, valuable business connections and leads, and priceless information and strategies.

How to Find your Ideal Permanent Makeup Clients

We all have an ideal, dream client that we wish we could duplicate and see each and every appointment. While you can’t always have the perfect client, you can make moves to ensure that you are attracting the right type of client that will want the services you offer and will be ready to pay and book an appointment.

Identify Your Ideal Client Profile

You can’t be everything to everyone. In business, you can go crazy trying to make everyone a client. Save yourself the time and hassle, by putting on paper who your ideal permanent makeup client is (target audience). Think about what services you offer, who you already serve, and who can benefit that isn’t already a client. You may also look at competitors in your area and see what types of clients they are servicing.

Ask Yourself These Questions

➔ Who are your current clients? (Age, income, skin type)
➔ What is the desired result my client is looking for? (Replace hair loss, feel confident, save time getting ready, etc)
➔ What are your competitors doing? (Who are they serving, how are they showcasing their work?)
➔ Where are they spending their time? (Are they using social media, are they looking at newspapers, are they walking past your store?

How Can You Reach Your Dream Clients?

Once you identify your ideal PMU client, you will have an even better idea of how you can connect with them and meet their needs. The goal is to make your presence known and create a relationship. Potential clients are more likely to choose your business when you offer personalized interactions. You may have heard of a few ways to advertise and market your permanent makeup business, here are a few to consider.

Social Media

Social media marketing for makeup artists is one of the best ways to connect with new clients. Think of your Instagram and other social profiles as your online portfolio of work. In fact, this is likely one of the first places that a client will learn about you.

Research your target audience’s most used social media channels. Encourage a following by adding social media buttons to your internet marketing materials such as your website, YouTube channel and emails. (This works for business cards, fliers, storefront decals and coupons.)

Promote participation by replying to comments, asking questions and posting engaging content on a regular basis. Brand-specific hashtags are a great way to broaden the reach of your content.

While the above suggestions are basically free, you can pay to amplify your efforts on social media by purchasing ads or partnering with social media influencers who have already developed a relationship with your niche market and can help you capitalize on their followers.

How and Where to Gather Reviews and Testimonials

Online reviews are important for proving the value of your services to those who don’t yet know you. There are a couple of places where new clients will look for information about your business and see your reviews. Google My Business is a MUST for every business. Take your time to set up your profile and add contact details and photos. Yelp, Style Seat and others are also places where potential clients may find you and see your public reviews.

Don’t be afraid to make the ask! The only way you will grow your reviews is to ask clients who are satisfied to leave you a glowing 5-star review. Word of mouth goes a long way and a consistent stream of positive reviews build trust with future clients or those who are having a hard time making a choice.

Build an Effective PMU Website

It’s no surprise that your website is also a great way to showcase your work. Here are a few key ways to make sure your website is ready to show when potential clients are looking for your services:

  • Make sure that the pages of your website make reference to permanent makeup services and specifically what you offer with descriptions for each service type
  • Indicate where you are located
  • Add a map to your website along with contact information
  • Add photos of your work
  • Consider adding reviews or testimonials
  • Have a clear way for clients to contact you – whether you add a “Book Now” button or phone number to call
  • Add a link to your website on your social media profiles so that those who are interested can easily click for more information

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to be you, regardless of who your clients are. If they are the right client for you, they are looking for 1. Exactly what you are offering and 2. A connection with you through trust and relationship-building.

Consistency is the key no matter what means you are using to reach your core clients. Keep in mind that not everyone is your ideal client (not everyone has to be). Finding the right clients, who believe in you and your work, trust your expertise, and want to build loyalty with you, is what is ultimately most important.

5 Challenges a PMU Marketing Agency Can Solve

permanent makeup marketing

You’ve put your all into building this business, improving your technique, keeping up with the latest trends that can give your clients the best results. You open your shop and then… there’s only a slow, inconsistent trickle of clients walking through your doors.

The truth is that if you build it – they don’t necessarily come! Before you exhaust yourself trying to catch up on the latest marketing trends for your business, consider hiring a marketing partner that can help you gain a steady, consistent client flow without extra work on your shoulders.

Here’s how it works.

1. A Marketing Agency Can Save You Time and Money

“Time is money.” A marketing agency with a knowledgeable team and a proven record of working with other PMU pros can save on both time and money since it means you are trusting the experts to do what they do best. And in turn, frees you up to pursue what you do best – making clients look and feel their best.

Imagine the hours you could save in your workweek by not having to do your own research or experiment with different marketing tools and projects. Or the time you could devote to other parts of your business, without having to hire and train employees to focus exclusively on marketing.

In addition to the time you will save on marketing and staffing, you can also save money by trimming employee numbers. A marketing agency can reduce your expenses by eliminating the need to hire additional employees – think of an agency as an extension of your team without the overhead. Staffing your own marketing department involves extra costs that could eat away at the cash in your pocket at the end of the month.

2. A Marketing Agency Can Help You Run Your PMU Social Media Page

Stuck in that rut of trying to figure out what to post and when? A marketing agency will help you build your personal brand, create consistency in your posts, and ultimately, draw more new eyes to your profiles that are potential clients looking for a permanent makeup artist like you.

Just like brows are a science, marketing is a science, too. With the right partner, you will start to understand what your audience (future clients) want to see, how they connect with your unique style and personality, find your location, and book their consultation with you.

3. A Marketing Agency Can Help You Identify and Solve Problems

Sometimes, unfortunately, we all need hard truths. Hiring a marketing partner allows fresh eyes to look objectively at what you are currently doing to bring awareness to your business, how you’re branding and representing yourself and your work, and make recommendations you may have never thought of or that may have been too emotionally difficult to make.

Consider it as trusting the experts that can help you decide on even the most basic (yet impactful) parts of your business like what colors, images, videos or wording to use on your social media, website and booking platform. You might not have even considered this, but your team can also make recommendations on other ways to simplify how you run your business

4. A Marketing Agency Can Help You Organize and Achieve Your Goals

How many clients do you need to book in a week? A month? The right marketing partner will understand how to build consistency for your business. And that predictable, stable flow of new paying clients is what helps you build your reputation as a great artist in your area while giving you the foundation to grow in the industry, hire your team, expand your salon, and build a training or product line.

5. A Marketing Agency Helps Build Your Personal Brand and Reputation

Think of your favorite PMU idol. You may have a really clear idea of what you admire about them. It’s likely that is what has also drawn such a large following for them.

Your marketing partner can help you identify what makes sense for your own “personal brand” and how to share that gift with the world. While you may not become the next industry leader, they can help you find ways in which to really shine.

A Marketing Agency is Great, but a PMU Marketing Agency is Even Better

A PMU marketing agency’s specialized knowledge and functions translate into time and money well-spent. Even better than a marketing partner is a marketing partner experienced in your specific industry. An experienced PMU marketing agency will have a deeper understanding of what it takes to get more PMU clients to your door and gain you recognition and loyalty. Not all PMU marketing agencies offer the same services, so be sure to find the one that can give you the most complete support that your business deserves.


Now that you have built your business, improved your techniques, and kept up with the latest trends, it is time to hire a marketing partner. That is the missing piece and could be the solution to the slow and inconsistent flow of clients you are currently facing. Want to know how a PMU marketing agency can help? Read about that and more in this infographic.

5 Challenges a PMU Marketing Agency Can Solve Infographic


8 Common Marketing Misconceptions PMU Artists Should Ignore

permanent makeup marketing

Want to know how to get more PMU clients in the door and significantly grow your business? The answer is: Marketing. Unfortunately, some common misconceptions about marketing permanent make-up can fill talented artists either with self-doubt or an over-confidence in their abilities to market their services and products alone. Worse, PMU artists can end up investing resources into the wrong strategies due to unrealistic expectations around marketing and advertising.

The good news is that you don’t have to do it on your own. There are marketing experts who can help you at any stage of your business. First, let’s clear the air about some common marketing myths, so that you can separate the real from the fiction and make better decisions regarding your business.

Myth #1: I Can Do It on My Own

Your instincts, likes and dislikes towards different marketing approaches, service experiences and product designs definitely make for great starting points for ideas, but a professional marketer has the knowledgeable skills to take your ideas to the next level and make them even more profitable. Approaches such as polling, collecting feedback and maintaining an online presence are just a few examples of expert strategies designed around maintaining a client base and uncovering what your clients think, what they love about your business and what could use improvement.

Marketing may sound as easy as placing an ad, running a few promotions or writing a post on social media every now and again, but it is actually much more involved. Marketing is time and timing. It is an investment of your resources to include your labor, energy and creativity or that of your employees. Done improperly, you could either miss out on opportunities that could give your business a life-saving boost or create a profit-draining waste of time and labor.

If you are a new entrepreneur, you may be tempted to think you’ll save money by being your own marketer, but you are not too small or too budget-constricted to benefit from professional marketing services. With the proper marketing partner, you can generate a significant return on a minimal investment.

Myth #2: If I Know Advertising, I Know Marketing

PMU marketing is not the same as PMU advertising. Rather, marketing refers to the whole brand experience. Advertising your services and products is definitely part of it, but marketing is an ongoing, creative project lasting the lifetime of your business that involves a variety of pieces that fit together like a puzzle. For example, your logo, salon design, client experience and service implementation would all fall under marketing’s reach. It marries your company vision with your mission and values, creating one unified brand that appeals to clients.

Myth #3: My Service and Products Will Speak for Themselves

You can have the best service, pricing or luxury experience around, and still be the best kept secret in town. To drive word-of-mouth advertising, you must first establish a revenue-generating client base. Retaining those clients will lead to a steady revenue stream and busy business.

Effective marketing can help you garner initial clients and then give them something memorable about your business to recall and share, leading to more PMU advertising through referrals. For instance, after a great experience at your business, a client may be more inclined to share a social media post of yours to their own social media page or send it to a friend. A marketing professional can help you establish a client base and then keep you fresh in their minds so that loyal clients advertise for you.

Myth #4: Marketing Is Only For New Lead Generation

Many people have the misconception that marketing starts and ends with lead generation. As stated above, marketing develops brand loyalty with past clients by allowing you to develop a relationship with them. Marketing creates engaging opportunities such as real-time contests and ways to accept and respond to feedback. It keeps your name and service fresh in their minds for repeat business and referrals.

Myth #5: I Can Borrow Strategies I See In Other Businesses

You and your brand are unique, requiring a tailored marketing strategy. Connecting with your clients in just the right way is highly valuable. Marketing is a continuously evolving process that takes time and experimentation over the lifespan of your business. Someone else’s tried-and-true methods are not guaranteed to produce the same results for you.

Myth #6: I Should Target a Wide Audience

Many people believe that they must market themselves to a broad audience for marketing to be worth the investment. That is not the case, however. Your excellent service and knowledgeable expertise will not appeal to everyone or be considered as valuable in other markets. Casting a wide net in an attempt to capture an untapped market sector may not be a wise investment in your case. Knowing the clients your services appeal to allows you to better target your marketing campaign to your audience and helps win you more clients.

Myth #7: Marketing Is All About Targeting the Millennials

“Millennial” refers to those born between 1981 and 1994-96. Those clients would be 26-41 years old today, and a lot of entrepreneurs new to marketing think they can gain traction by appealing to this age group. However, marketing aimed just at Millennials excludes other potential clients. Billions of people interact with at least one form of social media daily, making almost any age demographic accessible through social media platforms. The average age of visitors to social media and mobile-friendly sites continues to grow as earlier generations discover the potential uses and benefits of these social connectors.

Myth #8: Change Any Strategy that Doesn’t Immediately Show Results

We know you are eager to see the fruits of your efforts and resources, but long-term results require consistency and repetition that can only be realized over time. Results can start rolling in slowly and then eventually begin to snowball. Significant results could take anywhere from six months to a year, so patience is key.

There is way more to marketing than we can ever do justice in just one blog (or even a handful). We hope we have encouraged you to ignore the most common misconceptions and explore marketing options in a new light. An expert marketing agency can help elevate your PMU business in ways you may have never thought possible. Click here to learn more about finding your exceptional marketing partner.

What to Look for in a Permanent Makeup Marketing Partner

Being a beautypreneur often means wearing many many hats, particularly as you are starting and scaling your permanent makeup business. While you may be an expert artist, marketing is an art on its own – and the right partner can help you build a steady flow of clients without even batting an eyelash.

There are so many ways to market your business… Google, Facebook, Instagram, Groupon, Yelp… it might make your head spin. The good news is that you do not have to figure it out alone. Hiring a marketing partner that specializes in working with permanent makeup artists can save you time, hassle, and even money, versus trying to figure it out alone. If you want to see more clients, make more money, AND free up your time, then keep reading.

An exceptional marketing partner uses methods proven to deliver results – ie. help you book more clients, so you can get back to your artistry. Here are our recommendations on what a good PMU marketing partner should have.

❖ What a Good Permanent Makeup Marketing Partner Will Have:

➢ Experience
➢ Referrals
➢ Personalized Approach
➢ Passionate, Customer-driven Methods
➢ Measurable Results
➢ Transparency

➢ Experience
Look for a marketing agency that not only knows marketing, but also the beauty industry. Your potential partner should also be knowledgeable in driving more clients through your door.

➢ Referrals
Look for a partner that comes highly-recommended. Ask your peers and read reviews. Do your homework about strategies that can apply best to your business. A good partner will be like a teammate to help you grow.

➢ Personalized Services
Just like no two brows are the same, an amazing PMU marketing partner knows what it takes and recognizes where you are in your business journey. While every beautypreneur’s story is different, a good partner will immediately be able to take note of the stage of business you are in and work with you to create a plan to get you to your goals.

➢ Passionate, Customer-driven Methods
Look for a marketing agency that is enthusiastic and committed to building your brand and marketing to potential clients. While the agency should have a solid process, they should also be willing to experiment and think outside of the box to help your business succeed.

Just like customer service is important to the clients that you serve, finding a partner that is just as committed to the level of service that they provide to you is equally important and can save a lot of headaches.

➢ Measurable Results
The proof is always in the pudding. While some marketing methods take time to show results, the right partner will help get you there fast, while keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

➢ Transparency
An exceptional marketing agency will have transparent and open communication, keeping you in the loop with what they are working on for you and what results they are showing for you. Ask about their policy for communicating with clients and set expectations with them about what you would like to know, if you want any specific details.

Ultimately, you may not understand (or need to understand) every single detail of what they are doing for you. But, having a good working relationship will give you peace of mind about what’s happening behind the scenes.

Establish Clear Goals To Find Your Best Fit

Look for a PMU marketing agency willing to consult with you in person or virtually. Treat this consultation just as you would a job interview for a potential employee. This time together gives you a chance to ask questions about their style, processes, vision for your brand, and costs. Your potential marketing partner should have plenty of questions for you, too. Your consultation will help you determine their level of interest and curiosity about your business and the goals you have for growth.

Before you meet with any potential partner, have a vision session with yourself and determine what success looks like for you. Then, clearly communicate your goals to the marketing agencies you interview and find a partner that fits with you best.

Ultimately, growing your business is not a one-person act. It takes the right people working with you to help get you to the next level of your business.


Do you want to be a successful beautypreneur? Being an expert artist is not enough. You need to put your hands on marketing your business. This is a struggle for many who are confused about how marketing works. That is where a marketing partner comes into the picture. Read about the importance of hiring one and how you can find the best-suited marketing partner for your business.

6 Exceptional PMU Marketing Traits Infographic



How to Start a Successful Beauty Brand

The beauty industry is one of the most competitive markets today. Competing with established companies and brands may appear daunting. In addition to performing the typical market and feasibility studies done, new beauty brands should focus on strategizing their approach in the following key areas:

  • Brand Appearance
  • Competition
  • Professional Employment
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Continuing Education

Your brand will reflect you and your services, so spending the extra time and money necessary to devise a plan for these aspects of your business will pay dividends in the future.

Design a Fitting Logo

One of the first things potential clients will notice about your PMU business is your logo. Spend time thinking about what you want to communicate through your unique trademark to the public. Do you prefer classic colors and lettering or something bolder? Typical colors for PMU logos are more feminine pinks, purples and whites. More luxurious and masculine colors are blacks and golds. Use color and font choices to communicate the vibe you represent best. “Edgy” or “modern” can be communicated without words through the design you choose.

Ask yourself who your target audience is and what unique strengths your business brings to the table. Are you branding yourself as affordable, or will you be known for high-end luxury? Investing in a PMU marketing company that understands your vision and voice is a wise investment to develop a cohesive brand image across all customer facing content.

Understand Your Competition

As with most market research, you’ll want to size up the competition and their branding strategies. More than likely, this information can easily be found on their social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Following their pages and interacting with them will inform you on how others market themselves. It’s also a way to start building up your own contacts.

Recruit a Team of Supportive Employees

It’s impossible to do all the things that need to be done to build a brand alone. Allocate your time and effort towards finding reliable people who share your vision. In the current market, traditional recruitment methods still seem to work well for finding great employees. Customer service is a big part of branding, so invest time and materials into training and mentoring your employees to reflect the quality service and customer-focused image you strive to attain.

Your staff is not the only part of the team. As your business grows, your tax liabilities and intricacies likely will, too. Hire a tax professional or accountant to give you the best financial advice and help with everything from controlling costs to preparing tax documents.

Use Social Media to Increase Brand Awareness

You can plan the best logo, build the best team, offer the best services in the friendliest atmosphere, and go above and beyond your competitors, but fall short of success if clients don’t discover you. Increasing your brand awareness is a must, meaning familiarizing the public with your services. Make it a daily habit to work on growing your business, setting aside anywhere from just ten minutes to an hour daily. Increasing public awareness of your brand and services will inevitably bring you more PMU clients.

Research what marketing techniques draw the most attention, but give particular consideration to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. These platforms are wide-reaching, free, immediately accessible and chances are, you know a lot about how to use them already. Staying active on social media is a great way to get your brand and services in front of thousands of people every day. Keep in mind that other businesses are doing the same, so the key is to make posting and running Stories a regular habit to increase your viewership. Social media is a great avenue for posting before-and-after pictures and testimonials. Photos and testimonials are essential PMU advertising tools for branding yourself. Learn more about using Facebook and Instagram to market your PMU business here.

Never Stop Learning

Building your brand is an ongoing process that involves continuously educating yourself. From trends to training, you and your team will need to stay in the know so that your brand becomes and remains top-notch in quality and service. Attend trade shows and join a PMU trade organization to stay up-to-date on the latest techniques and trends in the industry. These events double as a great way to build relationships and increase your brand awareness.

Social media, PMU journals and the news can provide important information regarding beauty trends. Following what’s trendy could set you apart from your competition, as long as it makes financial sense and is not done at the expense of abandoning the services and products that speak to your brand. It would be unwise to chase every fleeting change at the expense of services that are timeless.

Take the opportunity to listen to client feedback and use it to improve your brand–from the comfy chairs in your studio to the aftercare kits you provide. Listen to your own clients, the clients of the competition, your staff, social media chatter and anyone you could garner information from about how to better your brand and stand out from others in the industry.

Establishing a new beauty brand presents unique challenges. We hope these tips for building your brand inspire your creativity and fill you with confidence that you have the skills, tools and professional help necessary to establish your successful PMU brand. Invest the time and capital in yourself, your team, and information to achieve your goals.


Are you just starting in the PMU industry and want to build your business from the bottom and rise to the top? Everyone wants that for their business, and it requires knowledge and works to achieve. With the beauty industry being one of the most competitive in the market today, this will present unique challenges. Here are some tips for building your brand.

5 Tips for Starting a Successful Beauty Brand


How to Use Instagram and Facebook Stories for Marketing Your PMU Business

Sponsored Instagram and Facebook Stories are great opportunities for PMU artists to showcase their work and attract more clients. With each platform boasting billions of users and capabilities such as Ad Managers and URL linking stickers, these social media outlets have become an easy but necessary way to expand your social media marketing influence.

The Stories features allow you to engage and have a more intimate, real-time exchange with your audience. According to a 2021 Forbes article, about 58% of users say that an Instagram or Facebook Story piqued their interest in a product, and 50% say they visited the business’s website with the purpose of making a purchase after seeing it in Stories. If you are struggling to fill your schedule, those are encouraging statistics. With a bit of know-how, you can grow your following and convert followers into paying clients.

What do you need to know to be successful in this space?

Make Your Account User-Friendly

Attention to a few small but essential details will go a long way to ensure that your brand looks professional and trustworthy on Facebook and Instagram. First, tidy up a long, unsightly URL. Third-party services exist that will help you create a nice, neat, aesthetically pleasing “vanity” URL so that your link doesn’t come off as unprofessional, unsafe or untrustworthy.

Secondly, optimize your website for mobile use. Many users view web content on a mobile device, so your time and effort will result in a better payoff if you drive traffic to a website that is viewable from their chosen device.

Next, create separate business accounts on Instagram and Facebook. To better promote your PMU brand, differentiate your business from your personal account. Not only does this look more professional, but it also opens up a host of promotional extras for you.

Engage With Your Followers Regularly

Facebook and Instagram Stories last only a short period of time, typically 24 hours, before disappearing. They are a fun way to quickly grab your audience’s attention and create a sense of immediacy.

Because they are short-lived, creating Stories is not a one-and-done kind of deal. It takes time and regular posting to achieve the following and generate the interactive conversions you are looking for, so keep at it. Aiming to add a Story to your social media platforms once per day is a good goal to build consistency. It pays to post regularly.

Use Multiple Social Media Features

With features such as stickers, location tags, hashtags and calls-to-action, Instagram and Facebook offer many different ways to capture your followers’ attention. Play around with the various features to determine what piques the interest of your followers. If you are fortunate enough to have at least 10,000 fans already, different features are available to you, such as the ability to include your URL link in your Stories on Instagram. With exclusive sticker labels like “Read More” or “See More,” users can simply tap to be guided to your website. Not at 10,000 fans yet? You will get there, but in the meantime, you can still promote your stories and drive traffic to your site using the Ads Manager and IGTV video clips.

Experiment with features such as polls and stickers to engage your audience. Test multiple Story ads, using a direct link to your website if you can to ensure that your Stories are driving traffic to you. Try out promotional content like contests, giveaways, and sales and provide a link to your webpage to entice your followers to visit. Engage with complementary businesses, users and influencers in tags to expand your reach and following. It may take a little time, but your brand can soon become known to your fans as one to pay close attention to.

Invite Followers Inside Your Business

Facebook and Instagram posts have always been, and continue to be, a great way to share strategically crafted content. However, Stories on these same social media platforms are all about showing the real, unscripted, even off-the-cuff side of life. They provide an excellent opportunity to build relationships and showcase your work. Users will love seeing your clients’ transformations in their before and after pictures.

Connect intimately with your followers by showing them the behind-the-scenes footage of your PMU business. What may seem everyday and mundane to you may be of interest to someone who has contemplated PMU but has never stepped foot in a PMU studio or salon. Consider adding sneak peeks or videos of what goes on behind the scenes: you, your tools, your employees, and with their consent, a client mid-way through a PMU process. These behind-the-scenes looks could all help garner a closer, more intimate relationship with your followers.

Create a Content Plan

Although Stories are meant to capture real-life events in real-time, it is still a good idea to plan your content in advance. Planning ahead will save you time, and give you the chance to see how your content will flow together into one cohesive brand. Your plan can be very flexible to allow you to change along with changing trends and current events.

Set Achievable Growth Goals

Naturally, the more followers you have, the more views your brand will get and the broader your marketing reach will be. Garnering a lot of followers will also make your business appear more trustworthy. Additionally, once you have more than 10,000 followers, extra marketing materials become available to you on Facebook and Instagram, so striving for more than 10,000 followers is a smart business move.

Keep it fun and lively. Allow your followers to see a side of your PMU business they might not usually get to see, like you, your staff and clients. Your dedication to your craft coupled with free and creative marketing strategies on your social media platforms will pay off with loyal customers. Social media marketing for makeup artists is an invaluable tool you can use to connect with followers converting the curious into loyal clients.