How Brand Loyalty Impacts Your Success as a Permanent Makeup Artist

Every permanent makeup artist knows that the success of your business depends on filling your schedule with people who value your artistry. The only thing better than a new client is a repeat client and one that is willing to pass your name along to anyone who needs your services too. Loyalty to your business is not only a high compliment, but can help your business keep growing.

Loyal clients are clients so ecstatic over the “Wow!” brows you created for them that they can’t stop talking about you. Ideally, everyone they tell about you would book an appointment with you, and your business would be set for life with the domino effect of all the rave reviews you get. In reality, though, good news spreads slowly. Your client might even be reluctant to let anyone know they had help getting their eyebrows so perfect.

Clients that are loyal to your brand act as brand ambassadors, spreading the word about your incredible skills. They value your services so much that they promote them for you. Loyal clients are more likely to talk about your extraordinary services with friends and family.

So, how can you build brand loyalty and get more clients for your PMU business?

It starts with giving your clientele a positive and unique experience every time they come in. Keep reading for tips on how you can build client loyalty.

Keep Interactions Positive

Your face-to-face and social media encounters will influence how your clients feel about you. Feelings are strongly tied to memories. So, a pleasurable experience will stand out in your client’s mind and make your business a positively memorable one. When asked for a permanent makeup artist referral, they will easily recall and share your name.

Develop Your Tone
How do you want your clients to remember you? Do you want to be reassuring and gentle? Do you hope they see you as trendy and witty? Choose how you want to “sound” and then clearly communicate those tone expectations with your employees and partners so that they maintain your brand standards.

Dedicate to Customer Service
With so many of your client interactions occurring through social media, make sure that you are responding to all questions and inquiries, sent via website or social media, every day. If you don’t have the time and have the means, consider hiring a dedicated team member to help with customer service. Make sure that you create and stick to your standards, including quickly replying to client questions and remembering to thank those clients who praise you. It might even be helpful to save your favorite responses to common questions.

Share Your Story

Your clients want to feel like they know you. Connect with your clients and online followers by sharing your story with them. Tell them why you chose permanent makeup, what you love about what you do, share your expertise, and tips for how clients can keep their brows and lips looking great. But number one rule, keep it relevant and professional.

You’ll capture and hold their attention which will also make them remember you better and feel closer to you.

Want to know more about building your story? We have a new blog about that. Click on the link to learn more.

Offer a Rewards Program

Want existing clients to spread the word about your brand while building your client base at the same time? Make it easy (and incentivise) for your clients to share the word with an rewards program.

Some tried-and-true examples include a dollar amount or percentage off of touch-up services, a voucher for a discount on a different service or a universal discount good for any of your services or products. You can give out incentives at the end of a service to encourage repeat business or tie it to a referral program, which gives existing clients a special discount on their next service if a new client mentions their name.

Other ideas include a skincare goodie bag or a gradual rewards system in which the prizes get more valuable with each referral.

Create a Community

Now more than ever, individuals are looking for causes they can get behind, especially one as easy as growing a tight-knit community.

Use technology to bring your audience together. Establish an ongoing and fun network with your followers on social media by engaging with them. You’ll not only get a better understanding of your clients’ interests, but you’ll also create devoted followers who are proud to be in your “family” and promote your PMU service through favorable word-of-mouth advertising.

Brand Loyalty Boosts Business Success

Traditional advertising only goes so far. Your clients are looking for a brand whose reputation they can trust and feel connected to. In many cases, they are more likely to listen to their best friend’s review over an advertisement.

It sounds simple, but all you have to do is ask. Make sure that at the end of your appointment you ask your clients to spread the word, and if you have a referral program remind them about the incentive. Don’t be shy! A gentle reminder is sometimes all you need to stay top of mind.

With a few simple steps, you can get more PMU clients and keep existing ones coming back by focusing on building loyalty. Encourage more referrals by giving your clients a wonderful and unique experience. Then, engage with them on your social media platforms, chatting with those who have questions as well as those who leave positive comments or reviews. Create a brand story that appeals to them. Consider a reward program to encourage repeat business and referrals. Most importantly, build a community where your clients can relate to you and each other.


The Ultimate PMU Branding Must-Haves

Every beauty professional is unique, and your brand identity should reflect that. It tells potential clients who you are. It sets you apart from the crowd and gives you a competitive edge. While catchy slogans and beautiful logos are great attention-grabbers, there is so much more to branding. Brand styles have other elements that all work together to tell your brand story.

Let Your Style Guide Run Your Business

Just like your tools and tints come with directions, you should have instructions for your branding to make sure it gets used correctly. Your style guide or brand book are the instructions explaining the “Who, What, Where, When, and How” of your look, from your logo and color scheme down to the font style and size on your social media page.

Once created, it will serve as a reminder of your business goals and can be easily shared with any partner you bring on board as you grow. Your style guide will steer everyone to the same goals, from your marketing agency to your web designer. Read on to start creating your own.

Elements of a Style Guide

Your style guide can be as simple or as detailed as you like. You may find including examples is helpful. It can highlight any “dos” or “don’ts” surrounding your brand logo, color, word choice or formatting preferences. Best of all, it is flexible and can change with your business as it grows and you get to know your target audience better. Here are the six elements to include in your style guide:

★ Brand Story
★ Logo Design
★ Font Choice
★ Color Palette
★ Voice/Tone
★ Visuals

1. Brand Story–Your brand story is everything you value and want to achieve with your business. It is your “why” behind what you do and showcases your passion for your art. In it are your vision, mission statement, and core values. Your active involvement in your brand story puts you in the driver’s seat of your success.

Not sure where to start? There are tons of real-world examples on the internet (from playful to direct) to get you started writing your story. Below are just a few examples from other businesses.
The mission of TED (producer of TED Talks and TEDx). You can see that it’s short, sweet, and to the point, but also a bit funny and attention-grabbing :

Mission: “Spread Ideas”

Here’s an early example of a Microsoft vision statement:

Vision: “A computer on every desk and in every home.”

Your values can be elaborate or straightforward. Here’s an example from MeUndies in which they kept it simple:

Values: “Stay Balanced

Go Further

Build Relationships

Champion Differences

Be Humble”

2. Logo Design–As recognizable as Larry the Twitter bird or the Nike swish, your logo is a symbol of your brand. It should be as unique as you. Use art and color to build a brand theme that makes you instantly recognizable. Do you want to convey luxury? Appear trendy? Be feminine? Think about what you want your brand to communicate. Seek help from your knowledgeable beauty marketing agency for ideas.

3. Font Choice–Play around with a few styles that look good on your website, Instagram, and Facebook. You might decide that you like a few styles, sizes and colors for different things like titles, headings and subheadings for website content. Your font will distinguish your brand and make you more recognizable.

4. Color Palette–No logo is complete without color, and as a PMU artist, you are no stranger to a color palette. Choose your main brand colors and use them in all of your marketing, so that potential clients start to recognize you. You may even decide to add secondary colors or approved color combinations.

Be as specific as possible with your color codes in your guide so that your team never has to guess, and you don’t risk sporting contrasting looks. You want your salon windows to match your website and social media pages, right?

Your logo design, font and colors will be one of the first things potential clients see on your website or business cards, so carefully think about how you want yours to look and consult your PMU marketing partner for help.

5. Voice/Tone Recognition–Communication with your clients, whether written or in person, is about making connections. Give your brand a personality that goes with your story and is attention-grabbing. From Old Spice’s humorous commercials to Dove’s empowering messages, you have a lot of choices in what your brand voice sounds like. Adding your chosen “voice” to your style guide will keep you and your team sounding the same in your social media posts, responses and your advertising campaigns.

6. Visual Cues–Art, photos, stock images and data are examples of attention-grabbing visuals for your website or social media account. Your style guide should explain how you would like to use images.

What kinds of illustrations do you approve of? For example, would you want photos with bold colors, very neutral colors or black and white? Do you prefer before and after photos only?

With the addition of a style guide, your brand will radiate the same confidence and beauty as your unique PMU artistry. To help, try describing your business with a few words (i.e., dark/edgy, bright/cutting-edge, subtle/natural or fun/feminine).

Post your style guide where you can see it every day to keep you focused on your brand goals. Let your employees and partners read it and have a copy (print-out or email), so everyone can be on the same page.

Like your PMU tools, consider your style guide to be a tool you can’t live without. With your style guide in place, you can ensure consistent branding and messaging to your customers and set yourself apart from the competition.

How to Use Instagram and Facebook Stories for Marketing Your PMU Business

Sponsored Instagram and Facebook Stories are great opportunities for PMU artists to showcase their work and attract more clients. With each platform boasting billions of users and capabilities such as Ad Managers and URL linking stickers, these social media outlets have become an easy but necessary way to expand your social media marketing influence.

The Stories features allow you to engage and have a more intimate, real-time exchange with your audience. According to a 2021 Forbes article, about 58% of users say that an Instagram or Facebook Story piqued their interest in a product, and 50% say they visited the business’s website with the purpose of making a purchase after seeing it in Stories. If you are struggling to fill your schedule, those are encouraging statistics. With a bit of know-how, you can grow your following and convert followers into paying clients.

What do you need to know to be successful in this space?

Make Your Account User-Friendly

Attention to a few small but essential details will go a long way to ensure that your brand looks professional and trustworthy on Facebook and Instagram. First, tidy up a long, unsightly URL. Third-party services exist that will help you create a nice, neat, aesthetically pleasing “vanity” URL so that your link doesn’t come off as unprofessional, unsafe or untrustworthy.

Secondly, optimize your website for mobile use. Many users view web content on a mobile device, so your time and effort will result in a better payoff if you drive traffic to a website that is viewable from their chosen device.

Next, create separate business accounts on Instagram and Facebook. To better promote your PMU brand, differentiate your business from your personal account. Not only does this look more professional, but it also opens up a host of promotional extras for you.

Engage With Your Followers Regularly

Facebook and Instagram Stories last only a short period of time, typically 24 hours, before disappearing. They are a fun way to quickly grab your audience’s attention and create a sense of immediacy.

Because they are short-lived, creating Stories is not a one-and-done kind of deal. It takes time and regular posting to achieve the following and generate the interactive conversions you are looking for, so keep at it. Aiming to add a Story to your social media platforms once per day is a good goal to build consistency. It pays to post regularly.

Use Multiple Social Media Features

With features such as stickers, location tags, hashtags and calls-to-action, Instagram and Facebook offer many different ways to capture your followers’ attention. Play around with the various features to determine what piques the interest of your followers. If you are fortunate enough to have at least 10,000 fans already, different features are available to you, such as the ability to include your URL link in your Stories on Instagram. With exclusive sticker labels like “Read More” or “See More,” users can simply tap to be guided to your website. Not at 10,000 fans yet? You will get there, but in the meantime, you can still promote your stories and drive traffic to your site using the Ads Manager and IGTV video clips.

Experiment with features such as polls and stickers to engage your audience. Test multiple Story ads, using a direct link to your website if you can to ensure that your Stories are driving traffic to you. Try out promotional content like contests, giveaways, and sales and provide a link to your webpage to entice your followers to visit. Engage with complementary businesses, users and influencers in tags to expand your reach and following. It may take a little time, but your brand can soon become known to your fans as one to pay close attention to.

Invite Followers Inside Your Business

Facebook and Instagram posts have always been, and continue to be, a great way to share strategically crafted content. However, Stories on these same social media platforms are all about showing the real, unscripted, even off-the-cuff side of life. They provide an excellent opportunity to build relationships and showcase your work. Users will love seeing your clients’ transformations in their before and after pictures.

Connect intimately with your followers by showing them the behind-the-scenes footage of your PMU business. What may seem everyday and mundane to you may be of interest to someone who has contemplated PMU but has never stepped foot in a PMU studio or salon. Consider adding sneak peeks or videos of what goes on behind the scenes: you, your tools, your employees, and with their consent, a client mid-way through a PMU process. These behind-the-scenes looks could all help garner a closer, more intimate relationship with your followers.

Create a Content Plan

Although Stories are meant to capture real-life events in real-time, it is still a good idea to plan your content in advance. Planning ahead will save you time, and give you the chance to see how your content will flow together into one cohesive brand. Your plan can be very flexible to allow you to change along with changing trends and current events.

Set Achievable Growth Goals

Naturally, the more followers you have, the more views your brand will get and the broader your marketing reach will be. Garnering a lot of followers will also make your business appear more trustworthy. Additionally, once you have more than 10,000 followers, extra marketing materials become available to you on Facebook and Instagram, so striving for more than 10,000 followers is a smart business move.

Keep it fun and lively. Allow your followers to see a side of your PMU business they might not usually get to see, like you, your staff and clients. Your dedication to your craft coupled with free and creative marketing strategies on your social media platforms will pay off with loyal customers. Social media marketing for makeup artists is an invaluable tool you can use to connect with followers converting the curious into loyal clients.

How to make your PMU clients trust in your business?

How to make your PMU clients trust in your business

How to make your PMU clients trust in your businessNowadays, in the beauty world, the relationship of trust between the specialist and the client must be fostered and strengthened with high standards. Because when we talk about beauty, we can evoke the relationship that exists between self-image and self-esteem. 

Therefore, as a PMU artist, you must provide your client the sufficient confidence and security so that they can continue in this self-construction process.

Don’t forget that when a client is happy and satisfied with the process and results are obtained, they’ll be a recurring client. Trust is everything!

As your PMU Growth Partner, we want to give you some advice, which we gathered from our top performing artists to build trust with your clients: 

  • Communicate effectively

It is a clue to have effective communication with your clients. We suggest a simple question to gather information: What would you like to know if you were going to have the procedure yourself? 

Sharing information with your client is one way to create trust and confidence. Don’t forget to explain what you are going to do. Keep your client informed. 

  • Always be honest

The relationship that you will create as a PMU artist is professional. However, you must acknowledge your client as an individual with feelings and concerns and not just as a paycheck. 

Be very clear about your experience and education as a PMU artist, your skills, and your commitments with the client.

  • Be professional

The client needs to trust and rely on you as a PMU expert. Therefore, even though it may be uncomfortable, you should be able to clearly share your honest and professional opinion, with tact and diplomacy.. Be honest and upfront, but always kind.

How to make your PMU clients trust in your business

  • Be more human on social media

Showing your work on different social networks can help you build visibility. Don’t forget that you should engage with followers (potential clients) and show yourself as an open person. Posting images, speaking to your clients, or updating them with news and information can help create a closer relationship. 

  • Don’t forget to be available 

Make sure that your PMU business is available to your clients in some way. Provide multiple lines of contact, like an email and a phone number to communicate to clients that you’re accessible.

We hope these tips can work for you to improve the relationship with your clients and be the number one option for them. 

If you have difficulty getting clients, don’t worry, we will help you with this! You can send us an email at 

Tips to improve your Brand awareness

Brand awareness

Brand awareness refers to people’s ability to recall and recognize your business. It helps your brand to become the top-of-mind of your audience.

It also helps to become familiar, and in the end, if you work on your brand awareness, you will get clients easier. Why?  Because when clients are facing a buying decision, they are more likely to buy from you.

Brand awareness also encourages you to achieve your objectives and goals. It can expand your audience, increase website traffic, and cultivate leads. 

How to create brand awareness? Let’s talk more about how to increase your brand awareness in the PMU business. 

1. Create a custom hashtag for Instagram.

Hashtags are an important part of all social media communication. If you have your own hashtag, it will start spreading and your brand will reach more people. When you click on the hashtag, people will find all the information you have created for them. The hashtag will be representing your brand. Be careful about choosing your #. 

Brand awareness2. Participate in sponsor local events

Get attention without spending a lot: increase your visibility in the beauty community by sponsoring local organizations and events. Events will give you a chance to showcase your logo and other visual content on the event’s fliers, website, and at the event itself. This exposure can be priceless for setting that seed in the consumer’s mind.

3. Post regularly to social media

Now beauty customers are connected to social networks. Faces are stock on the screen and the best way to approach them is by creating content for them. We recommend choosing your ideal social media platform and creating a plan for a week’s worth of posts. 

Would you like to have some ideas for taking better photos and level up your social networks? Check out our post

4. Run display ads. At highstoke Media we can help you to achieve your goals. Brand awareness

With personalized ads, you can capture the attention of a customized audience in the beauty market, build brand awareness, drive traffic, and convert potential leads into clients. You can create campaigns at scale to reach more viewers. 

Have you found this information useful? Highstoke Media loves working with PMU artists.

See you in another post. 


Why is branding so important in the PMU Industry?

Why is branding so important in the PMU Industry

Why is branding so important in the PMU Industry

The brand is the image of the business you send out to the world. It makes you stand out from your competition. 

The truth is people don’t buy what you sell but the way you sell it. People usually look for a brand where they can feel safe. Consumers tend to look for brands that have a message to share with the world. In the beauty industry, brands don’t only talk about beauty, they also tend to talk about self-esteem and self-love.

Keep in mind that managing a brand is not something done overnight. It requires effort and a lot of work. However, it’s a task that is necessary if you want to grow in the industry. 

We’re here to show you that it’s crucial to know how to manage your brand in order to increase your business value and generate new customers.


The first thing we need to clarify is that branding is not only the visual components. It goes much further. The brand is everything that differentiates and identifies something. Creating a brand is much more than creating a name, a logo, or a slogan. Creating a brand is to transmit the values ​​of the company and communicate them with its public.

Why is branding so important in the PMU IndustryTHE VALUE OF A BRAND

A brand isn’t born with a commercial value. A brand is built over time through strategies. Value is the consequence of good brand development.

A brand is valued according to the relationship it creates with its audience. In this journey of building value, every detail makes a difference when it comes to people’s perceptions of your business. 


By now, you must be wondering what actions you need to become a strong brand. You and your team must pay attention to the following aspect: 


If your brand is not unique and different from your competitors, it has no chance of becoming strong. There are millions of competitors in the beauty industry. You need to ask yourself, what makes you different from others? Is it for your service, your price, your ability to design brows?


The message that your brand passes on has to be easily understood by your audience. What is your goal? What are your values? 


Being adaptable does not mean giving up your identity and essence, but knowing that at a certain point it is necessary to reposition yourself in the PMU industry. Changes are inevitable, new trends will appear and you must adapt your technique accordingly to the market’s demand. 

ENGAGE WITH THE PUBLIC AND BE AUTHENTICWhy is branding so important in the PMU Industry

Never promise something that your brand can’t deliver. It is necessary to have clear values ​​with your audience and have attitudes that confirm those values. 


The brand needs to cause changes in people’s lives. In our case, microblading is a beauty service that can change the way people perceive themself. Even after an initial microblading treatment, women feel more confident and self-satisfied with their appearance. 

Highstoke Media loves working with PMU artists. We hope this information is valuable for your business.

In our post you can find more information about how to boost your brand.