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Highstoke Media NetworkGetting ahead of the game today requires businesses to be able to adapt to a world marked by innovation and change.

Taking a step back, evaluating what has been done, and figuring out where you want to go is essential for any organization. Changes are here and we are excited to share them with you.

This year, Highstoke Media has faced a substantial growth and we have taken time to understand our role in the beauty industry and what we intend to achieve.

We have realized that the scope of our business project has far exceeded our expectations. As time went on, it became more clear to us that our mission is to walk alongside not only with Permanent Make up artists but business owners of the beauty industry and help them to make their dreams come true.

First, our mission was focused on worldwide PMU artists but now we want to help all beauty professionals to build and expand their business while they impact their community.

The Beauty Growth Network  

Since we understand that community makes all the difference, we are here to introduce you to Highstoke Media Network, an online community for beauty entrepreneurs and professionals, a place where their questions are answered and they can feel part of something bigger.

Highstoke Media is on a mission to create a community of beauty professionals where they can learn about how to take advantage of their potential and define their own definition of success.

We are here to provide valuable information and inspire action through the content we are creating. Highstoke Media is here to support entrepreneurs who are chasing their dreams. We are here to grow together.

Our goal with the Highstoke Media Network is to support beauty professionals by providing them with a safe environment that not only allows them to find new clients but also where they can feel confident and  can discover all the tools and information they need.

Highstoke Media Network

Our Program: Brow Clients on Demand Plus

Over time we are seeking to develop programs that facilitate the objectives set by the beauty professionals. That is why we are proud of our first program focused on Permanent Makeup artists. Brow Clients on Demand Plus (BOCD+) offers PMU artists a method to get more paying clients with guaranteed bookings. This program handles both the marketing (directing dream clients your way) and  sales (booking appointments, closing deals, and directing deposits in your bank account). 

This is just the beginning of all the great things we have planned for this year. Stay tuned. for more announcements.

As a Beauty Entrepreneur, you are your top priority

Beauty entrepreneur

Being a beauty entrepreneur means changing priorities and doing as many things as possible. You are focused on growth and usually you think you don’t have enough time to complete all the activities that are being required. This can be overwhelming but don’t worry, it’s normal and you are not alone. 

As a business owner, you may spend long hours doing the hard work since there are limited resources or it may be hard for you to delegate. 

Today’s demands on our time can be challenging, especially running a business. No matter what your lifestyle demands, you have to avoid burning out.

However, we are here to tell you that it is important to take some time for yourself. Most of us prioritize our business needs above our own in an effort to not feel guilty for not working as hard as we would like, but this is not healthy.

Here are some reasons to explain to you why it might make sense for you to take some time out for yourself.

 1. Relieve stress 

Beauty EntrepreneurIt’s easier to feel exhausted if you don’t prioritize your “me” time. When you are constantly under pressure, your stress levels increase, and eventually you burn out. It’s necessary to recharge your batteries, and lower your stress levels by taking some time out

How do you define “me” time? “Me” time doesn’t have to mean doing something by yourself, it can simply mean doing something you enjoy. This could be reading a book or our blog post , going for a walk with friends or watching a movie with your partner.

Also, you can try new alternatives such as meditation (you can use an app to guide you), try a new recipe or even take a relaxing bath.  

2. Be productive by resetting your brain.

A never-ending list of tasks and working from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep is not ideal. Our brains aren’t built to focus for long periods of time. Taking regular breaks helps you stay focused. A pleasant break can refresh you and get you back on track.

3. Make it easier to concentrate and solve problems.

When the brain is constantly thinking about a matter, it becomes increasingly hard to see the problems from a different perspective and find out an efficient solution. Many times, you will discover that the solution will suddenly arise to you simply because you are not trying to force it.

 4. Self-discovery time. 

Beauty EntrepreneurSometimes we need to take a step back and evaluate where we are. What matters most to you? Where do you stand? Where do you want to go? In the chaos of the daily routine, sometimes we lose sight of what we really want. When our actions are not aligned with our goals, we can lose ourselves. 

 You should remember that quality over quantity is what matters most when it comes to your “me” time. No matter what your schedule looks like, make sure you take ten minutes to focus on something that inspires you. Disconnect from technology and take a break.

 We hope this information can be useful for you. See you in our next post.




Empowering Others: Don’t let others fall

Empowering Others

As a girl boss, you must not forget that teamwork is essential to develop your day-to-day activities. It is not only taking care of the relationships with your direct employees but also with your suppliers. This empowerment will help you deliver a better service to your clients. 

Creating an empowered workplace will allow your employees to become more engaged with their work and encourage them to provide a much better service. 

The people who belong to the organization are a reflection of your business image. Therefore, we want to give you some pieces of advice about how to empower others.  

Empowering Others

1 .Collaborate with Others

In your workplace, people can interact with the service or product that you are selling. They might have something valuable to share with you.

For this reason, you must seek to work together and cooperate with their needs – listening to their ideas, offering feedback, taking into account their comments. Maybe some details that you are not taking into account can be seen by others.

2. Always be Positive and Thankful

Each day can have its complications, however, and it is highly important to control our emotions and stay calm. Positive thinking can keep the team serene and create a space to seek solutions. Also, don’t forget to say thank you.

Empowering Others

3. Ask Them About Their Goals

It’s important for you to know the motivations of your collaborators. You can ask them about their expectations.

As a leader of the team, you can use the information to help them. This will show them that you’re interested in what they hope to achieve and that you’ll be there to support the team.

Nowadays, employees appreciate a workplace where their boss will care about professional development but also personal growth.

4. Support Your Team

Supporting your team is not about doing their job but helping them to overcome their barriers or obstacles. This kind of support will generate trust and will enhance their appropriate capability of decision-making.

5. Empower Your Team By Giving Autonomy

Your team needs to receive the confidence to perform their tasks. They must have their space to do the work. This autonomy will benefit the communication since the guidelines have to be clear and precise. The communication between both parts will need to be more consistent and regular. 

We hope these tips will help you improve and strengthen your work with your team