Mind Your (Social Media) Manners: 5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Permanent Makeup Artists

Tips for Permanent Makeup Artists

“Mind your manners!”

You probably heard that countless times as a kid, but you probably never expected to hear it again as an adult.

The internet and social media have so much of the world linked together that it is now more important than ever to observe online etiquette, especially if you are working hard to build your personal brand.

Avoid Costly Mistakes Online

As a “beautypreneur,” so much of your advertising and marketing is done through your social media pages. You can quickly make a name for yourself and build the reputation of your business through your personal and professional networking sites if you know how to promote your PMU or microblading business online.

One slip up on a post or story could hurt your reputation and cause you to lose your followers and potential clients, which means a loss of future earnings. It’s helpful to brush up on the correct code of conduct every now and again to avoid costly mistakes.

Tip 1: Be Relevant, Relatable and Visual

Your clients fall in love with you, your work and your story. Use your Instagram, Facebook and other social media channels to showcase your expertise and results that you’ve achieved for other clients. Before and after pictures are a great way to show potential clients a visual example of what results you may be able to achieve for them.

Give them a little more…Reels and Stories are a great way to show the behind the scenes of your work and showcase a little bit more about your personality.

What should you not post? We recommend steering clear of pictures that are overly personal like pictures of pets, kids, food, vacations – anything that isn’t relevant to your business should stay minimal or not be posted on your business pages.

On the flip side of the coin, remember that potential clients can easily access your personal social media pages. So, keep those free of content that some might see as objectionable or offensive. It could affect your business reputation. Create and maintain separate accounts. Consider having a dedicated employee or team manage your professional page and always give yourself time to think before you click that ‘post’ button or keep personal profiles on private.

Tip 2: Build Relationships

Building relationships works better than being pushy and salesy. Clients can see through interactions that are not genuine. No need to immediately and continually plug your services to everyone.

As a PMU artist you have every right to take on (or decline) clients based on the nature of the work, how the client behaves or if you feel like the work in some way compromises the integrity of your work. Relate and connect, and know that the right clients will be interested in what you have to offer.

Tip 3: Give Clients a Person to Talk to

Did you know that your DMs are a super important way that you can connect with your clients? Your followers prefer a real person answering their questions. Firstly, because it builds trust and security in your abilities to perform a top-quality service. Secondly, it’s a great way to start to build a long-term relationship before they are even in your salon.

It may seem tiresome, but set time aside to review and respond to client messages and comments each day. If you’re actively requesting reviews from your clients, acknowledging and following up with reviews is key for building loyalty, as well as mitigating any negative situations that might arise.

Tip 4: Use Thoughtful Hashtags

Hashtags get you and your posts noticed, by allowing Instagram to tag and sort the type of content that you are posting (ie. microblading examples, lip blush before and afters, etc.).

Using hashtags helps those searching for your services actually find you. If you use too many or irrelevant hashtags, though, your content is likely to become white noise that goes unnoticed.

Use hashtags regularly but also wisely, making sure they relate to your business (examples: #Eyebrows #PermanentCosmetics) and avoid using hashtags that are not relevant to your work.

Tip 5: Give Respect to Earn Respect

The PMU community has a positive, encouraging vibe to it. Your interactions with clients, followers, potential clients and competitors should be upbeat. Keep these rules in mind when posting and replying:

  • Post content that is kind, encouraging or uplifting.
  • Remain professional, even if someone ruffles your feathers
  • Ask permission to borrow content
  • Give credit to borrowed content
  • Avoid complaining
  • Treat others the way you want to be treated
  • Always get clients’ permission and/or a consent form before sharing their imagery

Be You-nique

It might be possible to put all of these rules together under the big Golden Rule of treating others the way you want to be treated. Always stop and think before you post:

  • Would you appreciate reading what you’re about to post?
  • Is it kind?
  • Is it true?
  • Is it legal to post?
  • Is it helpful?
  • Is it relevant to a client who is looking to book with you?

If you can answer, ‘Yes’ to all of the above, then post away. Armed with the knowledge of social media manners, you are ready to make your business pages uniquely you.

Permanent Make-Up or Microblading – Are They The Same?

Permanent Make-Up or Microblading

It’s no surprise that Permanent Make-Up (PMU) and Microblading have become two of the most requested beauty treatments all over the world and are only growing in popularity.

You can probably attest to the confidence-boost that a beautiful pair of brows gives clients who want to enhance their face, shorten their time getting ready, and walk out looking flawless every day.

Eyebrows: The New Essential

We have seen fashion trends come and go, but not since Brooke Shields’ heyday in the 1980s has a strong, thick, well-defined eyebrow been so popular. Could it be due to masks covering the lower half of our faces these days? Whatever the reason, that perfect, strong brow line is more sought after now than ever before and will be driving more and more customers to your door…or, you know, your Insta.

Are PMU and Mircoblading the Same?

As potential clients scour the internet looking for a PMU artist, like you, they may come across articles and videos suggesting that permanent make-up and microblading are the same thing when in fact, they are different procedures that yield unique results.

This misconception is confusing to clients, who may be hesitant to proceed with something they don’t fully understand. Using your social media platform, you can clarify the facts and answer their questions about the procedures. You can show them what makes each one unique.

You, your website and your photos can help clients understand the differences between the two procedures. Be the one to answer their questions, and your site is well on its way to turning a curious researcher into a customer.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Since some potential patrons may think PMU and Microblading are one and the same, you can use your photos to showcase the differences. For example, having two different categories of photos displaying your PMU and Microblading portfolios could help a potential customer to see the differences at a glance.

Showcase the Options

Clients may come to your platform not even realizing there’s more to PMU than just brow sculpting. Show off those beautiful lip, cheek and eye colors of PMU with your photos, so that your clients can see the potential that permanent makeup can unlock for them. Consider adding some before, during and after photos to show how a look is created and the final results.

Describe the Different Procedures

Since PMU or Microblading can both be used to create the perfect eyebrow, consider posting photos with descriptions of the procedure that was used for each set of brows in order to give your potential clients visuals during their research. Want to know how to take the perfect brow pic? Click here to learn how to take one!

PMU for Healing and Aesthetics

Microblading and PMU can be a wonderful solution for patients who have hair loss due to cancer, alopecia and other conditions. PMU and microblading can enhance the face and help a person regain confidence in their appearance.

Add information and pictures on your website for those who, due to medical reasons, may benefit from PMU and Microblading. Let clients know how these services have helped many individuals feel more confident while healing from an illness or trauma. Also help clients understand more about the process by including information about what to expect, any special considerations while healing, and any general information that can help them make an informed decision.

The Versatility of PMU and Microblading

It’s understandable that some might be nervous about committing to something “permanent” on their face. Seeing the differences and similarities between permanent makeup and microblading on your Facebook or Instagram page can help build trust.

Show off pictures that reflect both the natural-looking or bold results you’ve achieved for your clients. The photos and information that you provide may be just what someone needs to stop looking and book that appointment with you.

Make It Work For You

Becoming trained, experienced, and licensed in both Permanent Makeup and Microblading techniques can help you as you grow your business and expand your client base. Ready to scale your client base? The Highstoke Academy can show you how! We’ll show you step-by-step how to attract your dream clients, set up PMU and microblading advertising, fine tune your marketing and book more clients in 2022!


Are you thinking of getting a Permanent Make-Up (PMU) or Microblading? But then, you might be hesitant after reading articles and seeing videos online about these two beauty treatments. It is crucial to learn it from the artists’ websites. That way, you can easily understand and differentiate the two. And as an artist, find out in this infographic on how you can achieve this.

How to use photos to showcase the differences of PMU and Microblading


5 tips every Permanent Make-up Artist should know

Tips for PMU artist

Permanent Make-up (PMU) services are in demand like never before! There is a long list of clients waiting to find the perfect PMU artist. This is good news for PMU artists. However, some PMU artists have difficulty booking appointments. Why? Don’t worry! We are here to help you out. Here are 5 tips for those clients to get to know your work.

Every client has doubts, and you must understand that. The key to your success lies in helping your clients overcome their doubts and trust you.

  • Becoming a Permanent Make-up expert should be your first priority

Permanent Make-up ArtistAs Patrick Rothfuss says, practice makes the master. Nobody wants ruined eyebrows, for instance. People will require your services to increase their self-esteem and self-image.

Permanent means lasting or intended to last or remain unchanged indefinitely, for this reason water and soap are not enough if you’re not happy with the results. Clients tend to research the experience and reputation of the PMU artist.

Make sure you have enough practice as a PMU artist.  You should focus on becoming excellent at your profession. Invest in your knowledge and skills, and your clients will appreciate it.

  • Organize your own photo catalogue/portfolio for your PMU Business.

When it comes to selecting a PMU artist, photos seem to be the deciding factor. Photographs are usually the first thing a client looks at when checking out at your work. Don’t be afraid to practice taking detailed photos with your phone. Also, take the respective time to edit your pictures. Even the most professional photographers have to edit their photos. You might be inspired by examples on social media that your competitors share.

A guide has been prepared just for you so that you can practice more. Click here

  • Provide an Excellent Service as a Permanent Makeup Artist

Once you have an appointment, you should be able to answer all your client’s questions as the PMU specialist you are. Doubts are common, but it is your job to give the client the confidence they need.

Keep in mind that aesthetics matter, so ensure your business has an attractive and clean environment where clients can feel comfortable.

Take your time to do your work. There is no rush! Focus on creating fine and beautiful hair strokes.

  • Be obsessive about customer satisfaction 

Listen carefully to clients in order to understand what they want. Ensure you provide them with a great experience. Listening is the key to delivering excellent results.

It is common for PMU clients to refer your services to others through word-of-mouth. Marketing in the PMU industry is based on trust. As a PMU artist, you must provide the highest level of service to everyone you have the privilege of working with.

  • Take advantage of social media for PMU marketing

Permanent Make-up ArtistYour business can connect with potential clients and existing customers through social media marketing. Share information such as client reviews, discount seasons, and general information about your business.

Social media, when used properly, can boost your brand awareness and boost sales. Make sure your business has a presence on some of the most popular platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Would you like to speed up the process? It’s time to invest in ads. You don’t know how to do that?

You don’t have to worry; this is our zone of genius and we’ll help you with all sales and marketing. For more information, write to our email: hello@highstoke-media.com


How to make your PMU clients trust in your business?

How to make your PMU clients trust in your business

How to make your PMU clients trust in your businessNowadays, in the beauty world, the relationship of trust between the specialist and the client must be fostered and strengthened with high standards. Because when we talk about beauty, we can evoke the relationship that exists between self-image and self-esteem. 

Therefore, as a PMU artist, you must provide your client the sufficient confidence and security so that they can continue in this self-construction process.

Don’t forget that when a client is happy and satisfied with the process and results are obtained, they’ll be a recurring client. Trust is everything!

As your PMU Growth Partner, we want to give you some advice, which we gathered from our top performing artists to build trust with your clients: 

  • Communicate effectively

It is a clue to have effective communication with your clients. We suggest a simple question to gather information: What would you like to know if you were going to have the procedure yourself? 

Sharing information with your client is one way to create trust and confidence. Don’t forget to explain what you are going to do. Keep your client informed. 

  • Always be honest

The relationship that you will create as a PMU artist is professional. However, you must acknowledge your client as an individual with feelings and concerns and not just as a paycheck. 

Be very clear about your experience and education as a PMU artist, your skills, and your commitments with the client.

  • Be professional

The client needs to trust and rely on you as a PMU expert. Therefore, even though it may be uncomfortable, you should be able to clearly share your honest and professional opinion, with tact and diplomacy.. Be honest and upfront, but always kind.

How to make your PMU clients trust in your business

  • Be more human on social media

Showing your work on different social networks can help you build visibility. Don’t forget that you should engage with followers (potential clients) and show yourself as an open person. Posting images, speaking to your clients, or updating them with news and information can help create a closer relationship. 

  • Don’t forget to be available 

Make sure that your PMU business is available to your clients in some way. Provide multiple lines of contact, like an email and a phone number to communicate to clients that you’re accessible.

We hope these tips can work for you to improve the relationship with your clients and be the number one option for them. 

If you have difficulty getting clients, don’t worry, we will help you with this! You can send us an email at  hello@highstoke-media.com