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Unlike anyone else, we are the complete growth partner, seamlessly handling all four pillars of PMU Success: marketing (attracting dream clients), sales (maximizing appointment bookings), branding (standing out from competition) and systems (scaling your business)

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Highstoke Expertise and Global Presence

We are a team of PMU experts with a global reach, serving as the official partners for numerous artists around the world. Unlike generic agencies or inexperienced marketers, our specialization lies solely in the permanent makeup industry. We proudly hold the position of being the premier PMU Growth Partner.

We Deliver Nothing But The Best Results

We understand the frustrations of getting burned by cheaper alternatives. At Highstoke, we may not be the cheapest, but as a luxury brand just like you, we offer unparalleled confidence in our services. 

You can check out our testimonials here.

Introducing Your VIP Concierge Team

Welcome to Your PMU Expert Concierge, an exclusive VIP service catered to your needs from A-Z. With us at your side, you can focus on perfecting your technique, handling CEO responsibilities, and becoming the top PMU expert in your city. 

Your assigned Concierge will take charge of follow-ups, nurturing, sales, deposit collection, appointment bookings, and closing deals on your behalf.


Why PMU artists switch to Highstoke

“Highstoke Media is the only marketing agency that is personalized and can deliver on the results they promise.”

– Wendy D., Inkpressions

“Finally I have people that can help me with all of my questions regarding social media, marketing and communications, plus they give you a guarantee!”

– Anna E., PMU Mama

“I started with Highstoke a month ago and one of my goals was to be hitting 10K which I’m soon to be hitting!

Richelle K., Beauty by Richelle