Who is Highstoke?

Highstoke is a global PMU growth partner that has helped over 1,000 permanent makeup artists and beauty professionals around the world grow and scale their salons. We specialize in helping artists grow their brand, market their services, get more paying clients and make more money without the stress of building a business.

In the past few years, our worldwide team of 35+ beauty professionals, business & growth experts has created some of the industry’s best success stories along with partnering up the largest names in the space. Our mission is to empower artists with the right tools and resources so that you can grow the beauty empire of their dreams!

What does Highstoke do exactly?

Highstoke is the premier growth partner, specializing in marketing and business growth for permanent makeup artists. We’ve tailored our expertise to the PMU industry to provide unmatched results that have taken artists across the globe from zero to multiple 6 and 7-figures.

Who does Highstoke work with?

We work with Permanent Makeup Artists and beauty professionals who offer services such as microblading, machine stroke brows, lip blush, permanent liner, freckles, stretchmark camouflage and scalp micropigmentation.

If you are in the PMU space and are looking to grow your business to the next level, we’re the perfect partner for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

<!-- -->We created our programs exclusively for PMU artists who:

  • Want to see consistent new client growth, without having to figure out the logistics
  • Want plug-and-play, proven methods that have already helped other permanent makeup pros see results
  • Feel tied up with marketing and business tasks, and you’re ready to free up your time
  • Are aspirational and have plans to grow your business, develop a team, create a training program or have other big career goals (Dream BIG Babe!)
  • Are ready to invest in the continued success of your business!

Sound like you? Let’s chat!<!-- -->

<!-- -->We understand how frustrating it can be to try to figure out marketing by yourself – chasing prospective clients, not knowing what to say on the phone, figuring out how to run your social media.

Our streamlined program is designed to help luxury PMU artists get more paying clients from start-to-finish.

We’ve cracked the code on permanent makeup marketing to help you fill your books, so you can do more of what you love – providing beauty services to your clients!<!-- -->

<!-- -->The Highstoke Society is a 6-month program that takes PMU artists to the next level by giving you all the resources you need to grow and scale your beauty business.

We give you the exact formula to build your personal brandattract dream clients consistently, be booked out for months and automating your business (to make money in your sleep).

This is a “plug & play” solution that will provide the tools, expert support (from other PMU artists), elite community and confidence to take on the industry and become the next PMU superstar.<!-- -->

<!-- -->We’ve designed the Highstoke Society for ambitious permanent makeup artists that want to start or scale their business with proven marketing and sales strategies, and mentorship from the best in the industry.



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<!-- -->We created both the Highstoke Society and Brow Clients-on-Demand platform exclusively for permanent makeup artists to acquire more clients through effective marketing, sales, social media and business processes that are designed for rapid growth.

We confidently lead with expertise in digital advertising, and unparalleled results for over 200+ PMU artists worldwide. Over the course of four years, we’ve helped permanent artists build their businesses from a single one-room studio to multiple salons, grow teams, launch trainings, create products and ultimately design the lifestyle of their dreams. Will you be next?<!-- -->

<!-- -->Yes, we do! Our platform is proven to work anywhere in the world. As of today, the majority of our clients are in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. Our strategies are designed to be effective in every country.<!-- -->

<!-- -->When you’re scaling your business with Highstoke Media, we encourage you to grow your team, expand to multiple locations and build your own PMU artist community. If you’re already at that point with your brand, we’ll sit down and custom design your business plan.<!-- -->

<!-- -->We’ve designed the Highstoke Society program to be an effective and simple-to-implement solution to help permanent makeup artists get more clients, We are so confident in our proven method that we guarantee a 2x ROI for all members of the Highstoke Society that complete the coursework and implement our methodology.

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<!-- -->We’re the only growth partner that focuses on BOTH the marketing and sales, to give you the ultimate . The Highstoke Society is a 6-month program that takes PMU artists to the next level by giving you all the resources you need to grow and scale your beauty business. We have opened the Highstoke Society to ambitious PMU artists that are ready to invest in and level up their business.

The Brow Clients on Demand+ program is for elite permanent make up artists who are looking to maintain and scale their PMU business. BCOD+ is the only program that handles both the marketing AND sales for you, booking appointments, closing deals and collecting deposits, so you can focus on providing 5-star service. Our Brow Expert Concierges are trained to book appointments, collect deposits, and close deals specifically for the PMU industry. We are not a generic “call center.” Our team completely integrates with your business and acts as an extension of YOU to fully book you out. This is exclusive program is only available to select artists who quality.<!-- -->

<!-- -->We’re so confident, that we offer a 2X ROI Guarantee for all members of the Highstoke Society. Please read full terms and conditions.<!-- -->

<!-- -->Our proven program is designed to help luxury PMU artists book more paying clients. You might be able to build your business on your own, but we’ve developed one singular comprehensive program to build your personal brandattract dream clients consistently, be booked out for months and automate your business (to make money in your sleep). We’ve used this exact formula to help build hundred of PMU businesses. Will yours be next?<!-- -->