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Giveaways That’ll Have You Looking Like a PMU Marketing Genius

The top two goals of every beauty entrepreneur is to get more clients and ensure those clients have a great experience in your care.

Giveaways can help fill both needs in one fun freebie. Who doesn’t love free?!

You can use giveaways to promote your brand, attract new clientele and foster loyalty. Create connections with your online audience over a fun contest by giving away something physical they can use again and again.

Giveaways showcase your style and personality while keeping your name at the forefront of every potential client’s mind. You’ll increase your chances for repeat business and referrals while advertising to potential clients looking for a great PMU artist (or who didn’t know they needed one until now).

Let’s look at the Where, What and How of giveaways. This guide will give you the essential information and a few ideas to get you well on your way to promotional items to market your beauty brand while making your clients feel special and like they got a great value.

Where to Give Promotional Items

As with any good idea, you’ll need to do some planning first. Research community events or trade shows. Read online rules regarding contests and giveaways on your social media platforms to make sure you stay within user guidelines and the law.

Know who you are trying to reach. Who is most likely to benefit from your services? What types of promotional items would interest them? How can you reach them in person or online? Your beauty marketing agency can help you learn more about your target audience to boost your PMU advertising efforts through giveaways.

What to Give Away

The more useful your promotional materials are, the better. You can give away branded items, like skin care products that relate to PMU or gifts that don’t relate but are useful anyway. Here are some ideas for what to give away. Some are related to PMU while others aren’t but have general mass appeal:

Branded Products

  • Skin care products like lotions and lip balms
  • Post-PMU service essentials kit (lip balm, skin salve)
  • Flash drive
  • Luggage tag
  • Water bottles
  • Pens
  • Limited-time, one-of-a-kind specialty product (shirt, lotion)

Coupons and Gift Cards

  • To your business for savings on another service or care product
  • To another business: coffee shop, Amazon, tattoo parlor, local hair salon


  • Massages
  • Wine tasting
  • Tickets to haunted houses or other seasonal events

Money for Bills

Determine a set amount you’re willing to pay on a client’s bill. You can reimburse clients after they’ve paid (up to your limit and after seeing proof of the amount).

  • Electric bill
  • Car payment
  • Grocery store trip

How to Implement Giveaways

There are so many ways to give out freebies. This part can be as simple or creative as you want.

Commonly, PMU artists give away care bags full of skincare goodies after their client’s service. You can hand out a gift bag after a new client’s first service, around a holiday or any time you choose.

The same is true for any gift, not just skincare products related to your PMU service. You can hand out coupons, discounts or information about receiving a percent or dollar amount off on their next PMU service with a referral.

Contests are a fun way to engage your online audience and give them a really memorable experience at the same time. Depending on the contest, you can even fulfill some business needs while marketing. Take caption or logo contests as an example.

With a “Caption My Photo” contest, you can increase your online community engagement by posting a picture and asking your followers to submit clever or funny captions. You don’t even have to choose the winner. Encourage more participation by asking your followers to vote for their favorite.

A picture contest works a bit like a caption contest, except instead of your followers captioning a photo you upload, you ask them to submit their own photos showing off their permanent makeup.

If you’re looking to create or redo your logo, you can accomplish the task while creating a fun activity for your audience by asking them to submit ideas. You could choose the winner or ask for votes to decide.

Your client might love having their name entered into a raffle drawing for the chance to win a prize after booking an appointment with you. Knowing this before they book could be what converts a potential client into a booked one.

Surveys can be tied into giveaways or raffles. For completing a survey, your client could be sure to receive a gift, gift card or their name entered into a raffle drawing. They win a gift, and you win valuable feedback.

Just like Shoe Carnival has a wheel that customers can spin to win discounts, you can implement a similar game where the prizes or discounts for your clients are a fun game of chance.

Giveaways: Fun for All and Functional for You

Your giveaways and contests will have your clients and online followers feeling like superstars getting swag bags backstage at the Oscars. Not only that, but those gifts can do double-duty to market your PMU business and triple-duty if you use them to fulfill business needs like creating a new logo or bringing in more online followers. Use your imagination and the expertise of your beauty marketing agency to test out different giveaways and contests for your clients and potential clients.

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