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Marketing Skills to Help Your Beauty Business Break Through Bottlenecks

Your PMU business will experience many changes as it grows. You may be striding along at an excellent speed and suddenly reach a point where you need a larger salon, another artist, or more booked clients to continue growing. These natural slow-downs are bottlenecks. You can’t move forward without solving these problems.

Believe it or not, this is a good situation to have. It means you have reached a benchmark, or a goal. Your next steps are to consider what you’ve done well, what can be improved and what your new goals or benchmarks should be.

More Marketing for More Clients

An additional marketing strategy is often necessary to drive more business to your website and door. Your marketing efforts should include more than one digital channel (social media outlet) to reach more people in today’s technological age.

While you don’t have to become an expert on digital marketing (more on that later), it will help you to know the basics and what it takes to get your name out there. Marketing any business requires knowledge of certain practices, calculations and technologies. These are called hard skills and PMU marketing experts excel at them. It’s also helpful to have those softer “people skills,” like effective communication, leadership and inclusion.

We’ll discuss some hard and soft skills needed to up your marketing game. Hopefully, you take away two things from it: 1) a better understanding of your marketing strategy and 2) confidence in your beauty digital marketing agency to provide you with what you need to grow in today’s fast-paced digital world.

Search Engine Rankings

SEO might be a word you often hear as you increase your marketing efforts. It stands for “Search Engine Optimization” and refers to your business’s placement on a search engine page, like Google. Posting content consistently and using the right keywords matter to your SEO ranking.

People perform 3.5 million searches a day on Google. In fact, 93% of online activities begin with a search. If your business appears on the first page of results, it’s seen by thousands of people.

And, if your business appears within the top three listed companies, you’re even more likely to drive traffic to your website and convert lookers into booked clients. SEO is very valuable to your success because you improve how many people see you and book your services.

Boosting your SEO takes time–time to explore and research, time to experiment and time to execute. Not to mention, search engine and social media rules frequently change, making SEO keywords even more critical for your audience to find you. Most businesses hire a specialized SEO partner to help do the technical research and analyze the results.

Data Analytics

It may sound complicated, but in simple terms, data analytics is collecting and sorting information about potential clients to decide the best way to market your artistry.

You will need to collect data on your target audience (the potential clients you are hoping to book), as well as the progress and results of your current marketing. The information you gather will help you find, understand and relate to your audience in a meaningful way.

You’ll gather a lot of data from your interactions with your audience. Some examples include:

  • What they are searching for
  • The kind of content they’re watching and engaging with
  • Their purchasing preferences

Knowing what data is important, what to ignore and how to tell the difference is a big part of marketing and data analytics.


Content refers to anything you create and share online, such as your social media posts, blogs or videos. While content doesn’t directly advertise your brand, it is meant to get people interested in your PMU services.

Making content that appeals to your audience and posting consistently are essential. In addition, create content that stands the test of time so that someone coming across your post, blog or video days or years from now will still find it relevant and meaningful.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Marketing is more than research and advertising. People skills like communication, inclusion, leadership, connection and relationship building are just as necessary. Your marketing strategy should help your business better relate to your potential clients.

These skills are referred to as “soft” because they aren’t typically learned from a book or in a classroom. A great marketer must stay aware of and understand the changing needs of their audience. It takes time and practice to learn, but you can become a master at connecting with your clients.


Effective communication is necessary for establishing trust and building relationships with potential clients. With millions of products and services competing for their attention, you have to stand out as someone they can trust and relate to.

Marketing experts have discovered that today’s audiences prefer short and entertaining communications. As a result, visual content, like videos, is quickly becoming the most preferred way audiences want businesses to communicate.

Visual communication can improve your SEO, engagement and booking rates. Video editing software can help you create more interesting visual content for your website or social media platforms.

You Don’t Have to Know it All to be it All

You can better understand and play a role in your business’s marketing strategy when you know some key digital marketing terms. But the best part is…to be successful, you don’t need a marketing degree or an additional 40 hours a week you don’t have.

Your beauty digital marketing agency at Highstoke is your one-stop PMU marketing partner. We have the skills and results you need to stay focused on your art and stop worrying about how to promote your business and get more clients. You don’t have to do it all yourself. Join our team to start thriving!

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