What started as a simple idea, turned into a global multi-million dollar marketing partner impacting the lives of thousands of PMU artists around the world.

Highstoke media story

After watching thousands of PMU businesses struggle with bringing in consistent clientele using outdated marketing tactics, founder Danny Tran, recognized that no tried-and-true digital marketing system, tailored exclusively for the luxury beauty space, existed.

The Highstoke mission became to develop a proven solution to help artists around the world not only survive — but thrive.

Starting as a team of one, Highstoke has quickly grown to a distributed team of 30+. Highstoke has been recently named The #1 Luxury PMU Growth Partner for PMU artists across the globe. 

Our mission is to help PMU artists build their dream businesses. We empower our partner artists to serve more people in their communities, every day. Our impact is measured by the hundreds of PMU businesses that have grown to 6 and 7-figures; artists that have gone from a single room to multiple salons, launched training programs, started product lines, and are most importantly, living their best lives.

In the past four years, Highstoke has worked with 1,100+ luxury partners in over 15 countries, generated multiple 8-figures in client revenue, been featured in world-renowned articles (Entrepreneur, Thrive Global, Buzzfeed, Yahoo and more) and partnered with national PMU conferences & top industry experts.

Highstoke media story

January 2018 – Highstoke Media officially formed in Bay Area, California.

December 2018 – Company started off freelancing basic Facebook / Instagram ads and simple social media services.

Highstoke Media spent an entire year of trial and error and understanding the ever-changing digital landscape.

May 2020 – Launch of the first ever Brow Clients-on-Demand marketing system.

August 2020- Highstoke Media officially becomes a million dollar company.

September 2020 – Highstoke Media relocated to sunny Las Vegas, Nevada!

October 2020 – Official partners with The Vegas PMU Conference

December 2020 – Started focusing on the luxury beauty segment with academies, influencers, and national events.

January 2021 – Surpassed the 8-figure revenue mark across all clients and over $3 million spent on advertising.

February 2021 – Started The Highstoke Club for exclusive partners and industry-leading experts

April 2021 – Worked with over 1,100 luxury partners in over 15 countries.

May 2021- Expanded to 20+ global team members in 7 countries.

June 2021 – Official launch of the newest program Brow Clients-on-Demand PLUS

July 2021 – Created the first ever Brow Expert Concierge Team with a one-of-a-kind proprietary system to guarantee results

January 2022 – Launched the Highstoke Society, the elite community for PMU professionals to learn, grow and become #BrowBosses