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Our proven marketing programs have generated more than $23 million in client revenue for our +1,100 clients

Regardless at what level you are in your PMU artist journey, our team will be able to help you grow to the next level of your business. Over the years, we’ve helped over 1,000 beauty salons grow and scale with our proven growth strategies.

We can’t wait to help you do the same!

Choose the program that best fits you:

The PMU Diamond System​


The PMU Diamond System

Welcome to The PMU Diamond System – where success meets innovation in the beauty industry!

With our four powerful pillars – Marketing, Sales, Branding, and Systems – we’ve transformed over 1,100 PMU artists into thriving entrepreneurs. Our proven system has generated an astonishing $23 million in revenue for our clients worldwide.

Join our thriving community of artists who have taken their businesses to extraordinary heights. With The PMU Diamond System, you’re not just partnering with an industry leader; you’re unlocking the secrets to limitless success.

Ready to elevate your business beyond your wildest dreams? Don’t wait any longer – apply for our system today!


The Ultimate PMU Business Blueprint

Unlock the Secrets to Success with Our Proven Copy-and-Paste Formula

The PMU Business Blueprint is a tailored program designed exclusively for PMU artists, beauty professionals, and salon owners who are determined to elevate their businesses to new heights.

Whether you’re a newcomer in the industry or looking to expand your existing venture, this comprehensive blueprint provides the essential strategies, tools, and support you need to thrive in the competitive beauty market.

Ready to transform your PMU business and embark on a journey of growth and success? Discover the power of the PMU Business Blueprint today and take your business to the next level!


PMU Startup Kit

What our clients are saying

“I struggled with new clients during the pandemic… It’s been 10 days and I’m booked for 2 months!”

– Christy C., Definition Brows

“They have COMPLETELY transformed my business… Business quadrupled and client base increased 400%!

– Mele F., Pretty Ink Loft

“In less than 3 months, I’m able to expand into a larger space, bringing in other artists, and finally quit my full time job!

– Bree M., Bespoke Brows
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