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Success Stories
At Highstoke, we believe in recognizing and rewarding the dedication and success of our valued members.
That's why we offer exclusive awards and scholarships to those who demonstrate exceptional growth and excellence in their PMU businesses.

Our 6-Figure Beauty Boss Award

Introducing the prestigious “6-Figure Beauty Bosses” award, an extraordinary recognition for our outstanding PMU artists who have achieved remarkable success in their businesses.

Cathy Nguyen (CC Cosmetics)
Kaylee Connors (The Brow Factor)
Kimberly Morfin (Artistry Beauty Salon)
Sumiko Lui (Brand Moguelle)
Tiffany Taylor (Brows By Tiffany Taylor)
Lili Ma & Amanda Hua (PBL)
Mona Chebli (Lady Chebli Beauty Bar)
Janyll Helena (Fyness Beauty)

The Highstoke Scholarship

Highstoke Scholarships is our exclusive program dedicated to celebrating the incredible achievements of our top clients. It’s our heartfelt initiative to acknowledge the hard work and unwavering commitment of these exceptional individuals as they strive to turn their dreams into reality.

As a permanent makeup artist, we want you to know that we stand with you at every step of your journey. Our team at Highstoke is fully devoted to empowering you with the essential tools, resources, and unwavering support required to build and elevate the business of your dreams

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