“In less than 3 months, I’m able to expand into a larger space, bringing in other artists, and finally quit my full time job!”

– Bree M., Bespoke Brows


“I was able to grow my clientele base to the point where I had to bring in a secondary artist to handle the overflow of clients. I never thought this would happen in my wildest dreams!”

– Reynelle, Pretty Obsessed Boutique

“One thing we enjoy is the traffic increase… being new to the business. Highstoke Media is my right hand!

– Arianna, B-Lashed Beauty

“I’m in a very saturated market and they have been able to bring in leads who actually turn into paying customers!

– Natalie R., Natalie Rose Cosmetics

“Since joining this program, life has been different. I’ve managed to be able to walk away from my full time job and go all in on my business.

– Whitney, The Brow Bar

Highstoke is the company that helped me generate over 30 leads a month, not only that, they get you those ready-to-buy clients that just book!

– Jaret, Beauty Boss Studio

“Highstoke was able to bring in over 40 sign ups every month. In my business, each client spends between $500-1,000!”

– Cathy N., CC Cosmetics

“Highstoke truly does everything that they say they’re gonna do

– Sierra S., Sacred Beauty

“I struggled with new clients during the pandemic… It’s been 10 days and I’m booked for 2 months!”

– Christy C., Definition Brows

“Highstoke Media is the only marketing agency that is personalized and can deliver on the results they promise.”

– Wendy D., Inkpressions

“I’ve had a steady flow of clients every day that I’m open. Highstoke has changed my life and business.”

– Bren H., Painted Lady Pigments

“They have COMPLETELY transformed my business… Business quadrupled and client base increased 400%!

– Mele F., Pretty Ink Loft

“With Highstoke I’ve got 12+ models in less than two weeks!”

– Tahje Jennings, Jen Beauty Bar

“I’m so happy with Highstoke because they help you through all the process

Fernanda J.

“They are so good, I’m so busy I can’t even reply to all of my messages!

Ani A., Beauty and Beyond Permanent Cosmetics

“Finally I have people that can help me with all of my questions regarding social media, marketing and communications, plus they have give you a guarantee of +45 leads!

– Anna E., PMU Mama

I went from 1-2 clients per week to having a full service spa, with a full team and now even offering academy services and product lines.”

– Janice, Simply Flawless Beauty

“I started with Highstoke a month ago and one of my goals was to be hitting 10-K which I’m soon to be hitting!

Richelle K., Beauty by Richelle

“I’m opening my brand new location, creating my training program and I am booking solidly constantly!”

– Megan L., Desert Valley Permanent Makeup 

“I don’t have to worry about posting and getting clients anymore”

– Katherine C., GG Brows

“I couldn’t be happier. Tons of leads calls every day. It’s way worth your time and money”

– Jasmine L., Sanique Beauty

“As business owners, especially artists, we don’t really go into this at first thinking, we have to be social media managers, editors, ad runners, all these things and Highstoke really takes that pressure off of you, but also still leaves room for you to feel confident that you can do the work yourself and pull people in. They set the foundation for you to succeed.

– Mariella N., The Beauty Lab

“To be a new newbie in the industry and have the amount of traffic, leads, clientele and closing those leads, I could never have imagined doing this by myself

– April, Eyebrow by April

“Every single day I wake up to at least seven leads that come in and I have been able to book solid work on those clients.”

– Maria B., Inked by my Flawless Ego

“I’ve been struggling to get clients. So I finally decided to work with Highstoke and they are amazing!.

– Lena S., Lena Shnayder

“There’s no flesh, no lie and I am humbly speaking to you today that they are the best.”

– Brittany R., Lash and Brow Beauty Bar

“I’m so happy with the growth of my business! My social media has going up and I love the hands-off because I don’t have to worry about clients”

– Kim Wong.; Kim Artistry

“I couldn’t be happier with the loyalty program Gaby (Jasmaine’s success coach) put together for me, now everybody is sending people my way, basically it is free advertising!!!”

– Jasmaine Lexie., Sanique Beauty