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The “Beauty” of Networking as a Beauty Entrepreneur

“No man (or woman) is an island.”

This well-known phrase from poet John Donne, means that no one can get through life alone – we need each other. If we want to succeed, we need to develop relationships and lean on one another. Your skills as an artist can take you a long way, but the people you surround yourself with to support you as a beautypreneur will contribute to your success.

We need each other!

What is networking?

Networking is talking with others working in the same industry to develop mutually beneficial professional and social relationships. Starting a conversation, a relationship or a friendship with another PMU artist could result in sharing ideas, or just simply supporting one another through the process, in a way that benefits you both. For example, you could learn PMU tips and tricks from someone you meet at a trade show to take back to your salon.

That’s the beauty of networking.

Your goal is to meet people in your industry or a closely-related field who can help you grow as a person or brand. Maybe you learn insider tips and tricks for how to grow a PMU business. Perhaps you meet potential clients who turn into paying ones. You may even learn to master new strategies to improve social media marketing for makeup artists. Or you find your business bestie that understands what you’re going through because she’s also on the same path.

How to Network


Social media is a great place to start. Not only can you cast a wider net with your branding and advertising through social media, but you get to keep in touch with clients and people in the PMU business that you admire but cannot meet face-to-face.

To network through social media platforms, stay engaged with your following by taking the time to reply to messages and posts.

Support the pages of those in your profession that you respect. Send a message introducing yourself and praising their work.

Over time, a virtual friendship can grow into a deeper, meaningful relationship in which you gain referrals, insight into new skills, tips and tricks of the trade or inspiration.


There is no substitute for networking face-to-face within your industry and community. Getting involved with a professional PMU organization is an excellent way to network. Personal interactions with others at trade shows, continuing education classes, or even social gatherings outside of the beauty biz will take your trade to the next level.

  • Seek out social and professional opportunities. Start with local meet-ups with professional and social organizations relevant to your business or of interest to you.
  • Focus on building relationships instead of building clientele. Put people first, and the business benefits will follow.
  • Set a goal to have a meaningful conversation with one person at first and then build up to a handful from there.

Have trouble remembering names? Lots of people do. Try this trick: ask for their business card and then write something positive and memorable about them that you can refer back to later.

Four Benefits of Networking

1) Creates a Support System – It’s always helpful to surround yourself with people who understand you. Other business owners and beauty entrepreneurs can identify with what you’re going through, whether you’re at the beginning stage of opening a business or considering additional certifications. Surrounding yourself with other entrepreneurs will encourage and inspire you, and uplift you when you need it.
2) Helps You Stay Trendy – By “trendy,” we don’t mean fast fashion. We are talking about current beauty industry trends like valuable tools of the trade, new PMU applications or business software that allows you to do more for your clients and provide higher quality services. We learn through observation, so watching and listening to what others are doing can help you become a better artist.
3) Helps You Grow Your Business (or others’ businesses too) – Learn what worked or didn’t work for others, and take those lessons back to what you are working toward yourself. You never know where inspiration will come from, or if you can inspire someone else. Get ideas about everything from managing employees to handing out client swag bags. A little further along in your career, you might be the positive example for others that they needed to see!
4) Builds Your Business Prospects and Leads –The more people you get to know, the more they get to know you back. Advertising your business is about getting your name out there. You could meet people who can positively influence your business. The relationships you build could lead to more word-of-mouth referrals, “shoutouts” on social media or partnerships. You might even meet people who want to book your services for their own PMU needs.

***Bonus*** Networking forces you to hone your conversation skills. You’ll become more confident and comfortable speaking with people.

Networking Is a Two-way Street

To make a friend, you have to be a friend first. Be willing to scratch someone else’s back before they scratch yours because one thing is for sure–the more positive you put out in the world, the more you get back. So, go ahead and plug a related business on your social media page first. Recommend another PMU or beauty artist to a client looking for a service you don’t provide. Your goodwill will be returned to you.

Go Further With Networking

An African proverb says, “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.” Your expertise, skill and talent in the beauty industry have taken you this far. Forming relationships with others in your industry and social groups will take your business even further and can impact others in a positive way. You stand to gain enriching and supportive friendships, valuable business connections and leads, and priceless information and strategies.

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