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Tips to Improve your Productivity in your Daily Routine

Nowadays, we are measured by how much work we are capable of getting done and the ability to manage our time. However, it’s not a mystery that the days are going faster and faster and time doesn’t seem to be ever enough. We are constantly trying to be more efficient and productive to get things done, but we see ourselves with our phones in our hands and without a clear direction at the end of the day. Time goes by and the tasks seem endless but the frustration is real.

In this post, we want to give you some advice to be more productive and not get confused by endless tasks. The idea is to give you some tools so you know how to work smarter, not harder.

Improve your Productivity in your Daily Routine1. Plan out your day

Having a to-do list will help you remember everything you need to get done. The most important thing is to plan your day, know what you have to do and be realistic about your time.

Yes, you cannot do it all at once and many activities must be distributed throughout the week. Many times our memory fails us and it is necessary to write down pending tasks no matter how simple they are. 

2. Set your main goals for the day

Don’t try to do it all in one day. Be clear and realistic about your objectives. You can’t reach the moon in one day. As we told you before, tasks have to be distributed over the week. We know it can be overwhelming but do not worry. With practice, you will learn how to manage your own time. You just have to be willing to be more conscious about time management. 

For example, you can organize in one day all the activities where you have to go out. Or, if you already know that certain activities take more time away from you, such as budget planning, or content creation, you must schedule enough time to complete those tasks.

Improve your Productivity in your Daily Routine

3. Work in your hardest task first

Getting the hardest tasks done will help you to release pressure and the rest of the tasks will seem like a piece of cake. You already know yourself, you certainly know which assignment may take most of your time or can be more complicated. Try to organize your time to do it at the beginning of the day.

When you start your activities, you have a clearer mind and have more energy to put into the task. It feels good to know that you got out of the most difficult part of the day and it will help you lighten the load. If you leave it for later, your mind can be distracted, tired and the only thing you will achieve is getting frustrated.

4. Eliminate all kind of distractions

Focus, we don’t have time to lose. Put away your phone while doing your task. Let’s be honest, it is hard not to check up every five minutes on your Instagram account or to ignore the banter in the studio, but it is not impossible. Help yourself by putting your phone in airplane mode or tell your friend you will talk to them later. Believe me, if you get to focus on the task, you will be able to complete it in record time. 

5. Take small breaks during the dayImprove your Productivity in your Daily Routine

Small breaks will prevent you from getting burnout. Yes, we have to work, but we also have to rest. We are not machines meant to stay connected 24/7. Short breaks allow our ideas to flow easily, it allows the brain to breathe and we can concentrate with less effort. Stretching your legs, breathing deeply, or eating a snack are some examples that you can easily incorporate to freshen up.

Changes are small but you can see results if you implement them in your daily routine. 

Hopefully, they can be helpful.

See you soon in another post.

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