I just got certified and started my business recently... Can I still qualify?

We’re dedicated to work with established PMU artists who honor industry standards and pricing. If you believe you’re on the right track, we’re happy to have a conversation to better understand where you are in your business.

Why do you only work with one brow artist per city?

Although we’re inclusive culturally – we work exclusively with elite artists and build long-term relationships with them. We avoid unwanted competition for our artists which allows space for them to become the #1 artist in their area.

What makes Highstoke Media different from other marketing agencies?

We’re the original Brow Clients-on-Demand agency and with that comes authentic authority. We’re not here to copy or steal someone else’s idea – we created this platform for artists like yourself. We started this platform with one main objective – to foster success for our artists by facilitating meaningful connections and curating successful marketing systems. Today we confidently lead with experience and proof of partnering with over 200+ PMU worldwide artists.

Ok... I'm on the fence... Tell me one last reason why I should trust you?

We’re not here to convince you why you should apply for our program. And if you’re price shopping for something cheap – we’re not going to be a good fit. Our artists are ambitious and committed to growing their business and putting in the hard work and talent. Being the #1 Luxury PMU Growth Partner – we’ve worked with hundreds of worldwide clients – spent over $3 million in advertising and generated over $12 million in client revenue.

What is your acceptance rate for new brow artists as partners?

Because we’re dedicated to serving the top tier of PMU artists and we limit to only one artist per city – our acceptance rate is low (we turn away 95% of applicants), but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply. If your city is available and you’re a qualified artist – this could be an opportunity for you.

Can you help international businesses / locations?

Yes, we do! Our platform is proven to work anywhere in the world. As of today, the majority of our clients are in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. Our strategies are designed to thrive in every country.

If I am a qualified fit, how quickly can I start getting new booked appointments?

It will take about a week after you’re accepted into our program for us to design your personal campaign – and you’re off to an exciting entrepreneurial chapter booking high-quality clients.

If I have multiple artists or locations, how does that work?

When you’re scaling your business with Highstoke Media, we encourage you to grow your team, expand to multiple locations and build your own PMU artist community. If you’re already at that point with your brand, we’ll sit down and custom design your business plan.

If I'm not ready to market right now but would like to reserve my city, can I still sign up with you today?

Yes. If you’re committed to growing your business with us, but the timing isn’t perfect – we can push back the official launch date.

Do you guys really guarantee booked appointments?

Absolutely. Depending on which agreement you move forward with, we offer a guarantee with a specific amount of booked appointments and secured deposits. Our smallest package is 80 booked appointments over 3 months.