What makes Highstoke Media different?

We’re the only growth partner that handles BOTH the marketing (directing your dream clients to you) and sales (closing deals and getting money in your bank account).

Our Brow Expert Concierge is trained to book appointments, collect deposits, and close deals specifically for the PMU industry. We are not a generic “call center.” Our team completely integrates with your business and acts as an extension of YOU to fully book you out.

What is unique about your process?

We have the first-ever Brow Expert Concierge Team who handles all of the follow-ups, nurturing, sales, closing deals, collecting deposits, and booking appointments for our assigned PMU artists.

The Brow Expert Concierge team is an extension of YOU, so that frees up your time to focus on CEO level activities – including: expanding to different locations, hiring a team, or focusing on your brow academia and giving back to the community.

Do you offer any guarantees?

Our Guaranteed Profits Policy is simple and transparent: If we don’t hit the guaranteed booked appointments in the allotted time frame, we will work for FREE until we do.

Why can't I do this myself?

Our industry program is designed to help luxury PMU artists get more paying clients on demand with guaranteed & booked appointments (not just leads). You might be able to build your business on your own, but we have savvy strategies that are proven to elevate our artists and their businesses.